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Anaconda Maintenance Releases Proposal

(NOTE: At this time this is only a proposal)

Build new releases of Anaconda to support the creation of LiveCDs and Spins for currently supported Fedora releases (f12, f13, f14 at this time).


Anaconda is frozen and no new builds are made after Fedora releases its install media. Packages that Anaconda depend on change over time, eg. NetworkManager, udev, etc. Sometimes these changes can break building or booting new media.


The scope of a maintenance release shall be limited to:

  • Patches from more current Anaconda releases
  • Community generated patches
  • Limited to the base+updates repositories

It will not:

  • Back port features
  • Support any Fedora release not currently supported by the Fedora project

The goal is to do the minimum needed so that spins using Anaconda will function.


Testing will be done against the official kickstart files released by Fedora. This includes the fedora-kickstarts and spin-kickstarts packages in Fedora.


A member of the Anaconda team will be the Maintenance Release Manager. They decide whether or not patches should be accepted, and they generate new builds as needed.

Currently (if this proposal is accepted) this is Brian C. Lane