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Review of Power specific packages

The goal is to review all architecture packages with respect to their need during installer run and during boot. During installation it might require tools for managing hw (eg. disk arrays), during boot time it might want eg. udev rules.

Bug 1463749 leads to this review. The Host & Platform page contains some background from the Modularity point of view.


Package Tool Used in install Used in boot Notes
iprutils N/A N/A bla
libcxl N/A N/A bla
librtas N/A N/A bla
libservicelog N/A N/A bla
libvpd N/A N/A bla
lsvpd N/A N/A bla
opal-prd opal-prd No No Daemon for listening to and interacting with hardware diagnostic events
paflib N/A N/A bla
powerpc-utils amsstat N/A N/A Display list of active Mem sharing statistics. the potential split foo/bar is related to questions in
activate_firmware N/A N/A activate firmware img that has been updated concurrently
bootlist N/A N/A view & update system bootlist stored in NVRAM. Uses ofpathname and nvram.
drmgr N/A N/A Note here
errinject No No IBM internal use only for injecting errors.
hvcsadmin N/A N/A virtual console server adm utility.
lparstat N/A N/A reports logical partitions related info & statistics
lsdevinfo N/A N/A Note here
lsprop N/A N/A Note here
lsslot N/A N/A display hot plug capable slots & resources
ls-vdev N/A N/A Note here
ls-veth N/A N/A Note here
ls-vscsi N/A N/A Note here
nvram Yes No used to print & modify data in NVRAM
nvsetenv N/A N/A Note here
ofpathname Yes No translate between open firmware & logical device names
ppc64_cpu N/A N/A display cpu characteristics of PPC system
pseries_platform Yes No Used by ofpathname. Determines type of running Power systems (PowerNV, KVM guest, pSeries)
rtas_dbg N/A N/A enable debug output for rtas call. Only supported on PowerVM systems.
rtas_dump N/A N/A dump contents of rtas event into human readable format.
rtas_event_decode N/A N/A Note here
rtas_ibm_get_vpd N/A N/A Note here
serv_config N/A N/A view & config system service policies & settings
set_poweron_time N/A N/A set time in future for system to be powered on
sys_ident N/A N/A generate unique ID numbers
uesensor N/A N/A view state of system environmental issues
update_flash N/A N/A manage system & service processor firmwares
powerpc-utils-python amsvis N/A N/A visualisation tools for AMS memory details
amsdata N/A N/A read/parse AMS-related data from system files in /proc & /sys
amsnet N/A N/A network client/server for transmitting json data
amswidget N/A N/A draw a bar readout
ppc64-diag opal_errd N/A N/A daemon to read/parse OPAL events
... N/A N/A Note here
ppc64-utils R: binutils N/A N/A omitable, required by kernel-bootwrapper
R: kernel-bootwrapper N/A N/A seems it's used to create zImage containing device tree for embedded platforms, do we need that when using grub2 as the only bootloader?
R: powerpc-utils N/A N/A
R: libvpd N/A N/A omitable, lsvpd links with it, contains udev rule for updating VPD
R: lsvpd N/A N/A
servicelog N/A N/A bla