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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
This page is left for reference but the project proposal is retired, see DraftUAEL.

Updates After End of Life

Updates After End of Life is a volunteer based project which aim is to maintain packages after Fedora End of Life selected on a volunteer basis. A package is available if there is a volunteer to maintain it. A volunteer may stop maintaining a package, in which case it will be removed from the list. A whole branch is discontinued when one of the packages that defines a minimal fedora system isn't maintained anymore (a minimal system is defined as a system with default and mandatory packages from Core and Base comps groups, plus the kernel). The maintained branches are listed below.

The rule for updating packages in this project is not well formalized and mostly left to the package maintainers. We avoid breaking compatibility or doing rebuilds for futile reasons, but we don't promise ABI stability either. It can be thought as a middle ground between Fedora rate of change and RHEL/Centos/EPEL rate of change.

In case it still wasn't clear from above, it is a volunteer based project, so there is no guarantee on the lifetime of a branch, a package to be maintained nor on the rate of package updates.

There is no dedicated security team for the project, timely response is left to the maintainers.

Currently maintained branches

The maintained packages lists for each branch is linked from here:


Stop (medium size).png
mandatory packages that needs to find a new maintainer or the branch disappears may be repeated here with the count in days.


F-10 branch

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this will be on a separate page, one for each maintained release.

Mandatory packages

If one of these packages isn't maintained anymore, the whole branch is retired after 1 week.

acl                     iputils                 pam_krb5
acpid                   irda-utils              pam_passwdqc
anacron                 irqbalance              pam_pkcs11
aspell                  jwhois                  pam_smb
aspell-en               kbd                     pango
at                      kernel                  paps
atk                     keyutils                parted
attr                    krb5                    passwd
audit                   kudzu                   patch
authconfig              less                    pax
autofs                  lftp                    pciutils
avahi                   libcap                  pcmciautils
basesystem              libconfig               pcre
bash                    libdaemon               pcsc-lite
bc                      libdhcp                 perl
bind                    libdrm                  perl-Date-Manip
binutils                libedit                 perl-String-CRC32
bluez-gnome             libevent                pinentry
bluez-libs              libgcrypt               pinfo
bluez-utils             libgpg-error            pixman
bzip2                   libgssglue              pkgconfig
cairo                   libICE                  pm-utils
ccid                    libIDL                  policycoreutils
checkpolicy             libidn                  PolicyKit
chkconfig               libjpeg                 PolicyKit-gnome
ConsoleKit              libksba                 popt
coolkey                 libnetfilter_conntrack  prelink
coreutils               libnfnetlink            procmail
cpio                    libnl                   procps
cpuspeed                libnotify               psacct
cracklib                libpcap                 psmisc
cronie                  libpng                  pth
crontabs                libselinux              pygobject2
cryptsetup-luks         libsemanage             pygpgme
cups                    libsepol                python
curl                    libsexy                 python-iniparse
cyrus-sasl              libSM                   python-urlgrabber
db4                     libsmbios               quota
dbus                    libtasn1                radeontool
dbus-glib               libthai                 rdate
dbus-python             libtiff                 rdist
desktop-file-utils      libtirpc                readline
device-mapper-multipath libusb                  redhat-lsb
dhcp                    libuser                 rhpl
dhcpv6                  libwnck                 rng-utils
diffutils               libX11                  rootfiles
dirmngr                 libXau                  rpcbind
dmidecode               libxcb                  rpm
dmraid                  libXcomposite           rsh
dos2unix                libXcursor              rsync
dosfstools              libXdamage              rsyslog
dump                    libXdmcp                sed
e2fsprogs               libXext                 selinux-policy
ed                      libXfixes               sendmail
eject                   libXft                  setserial
elfutils                libXi                   setup
elilo                   libXinerama             setuptool
enchant                 libxml2                 shadow-utils
ethtool                 libXrandr               shared-mime-info
expat                   libXrender              slang
fbset                   libXres                 smartmontools
fedora-logos            libXt                   specspo
fedora-release          libXxf86vm              sqlite
fedora-release-notes    linux-atm               startup-notification
file                    logrotate               stunnel
filesystem              logwatch                sudo
findutils               lsof                    symlinks
finger                  lvm2                    sysfsutils
fontconfig              m4                      sysreport
freetype                mailcap                 system-config-firewall
ftp                     mailx                   system-config-network
gamin                   make                    sysvinit
gawk                    MAKEDEV                 talk
gcc                     man                     tar
GConf2                  man-pages               tcpdump
gdbm                    mdadm                   tcp_wrappers
gettext                 mesa                    telnet
glib2                   microcode_ctl           texinfo
glibc                   mingetty                time
gnome-keyring           mkinitrd                tmpwatch
gnome-mime-data         mlocate                 traceroute
gnome-mount             module-init-tools       tree
gnome-vfs2              mtr                     tzdata
gnome-vfs2-obexftp      nano                    udev
gnupg                   nc                      unix2dos
gnupg2                  ncurses                 unzip
gnutls                  net-tools               usbutils
gpgme                   NetworkManager          usermode
gpm                     newt                    ustr
grep                    nfs-utils               util-linux-ng
groff                   nfs-utils-lib           vbetool
grub                    notification-daemon     vconfig
gtk2                    nspr                    vim
gzip                    nss                     wget
hal                     nss_db                  which
hal-info                nss_ldap                wireless-tools
hdparm                  ntfs-3g                 words
hesiod                  ntfsprogs               wpa_supplicant
hicolor-icon-theme      numactl                 xdg-utils
hunspell                obex-data-server        xorg-x11-filesystem
hunspell-en             openldap                ypbind
hwdata                  openobex                yp-tools
ifd-egate               openssh                 yum
initscripts             openssl                 yum-metadata-parser
iproute                 ORBit2                  yum-updatesd
iptables                pam                     zip
iptstate                pam_ccreds              zlib

List of mandatory packages currently unmaintained:

openssh (5 days)

Other packages

Packages dropped since less than a week

If you want to have this package back, you have to find a maintainer ready to take care of that package.


Packages currently maintained

xbae                 docbook2X