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Release Managers

EPEL should have a group of release managers that take care of the packages in the repository as a whole. The job of the group members is to keep the repository in shape and fix stuff everywhere where it might be needed -- especially in case the package owner does not steps up in time. The group members thus need to get permissions for all EPEL packages to commit and build updates of all packages to be able to fix stuff.

If the Release Managers have powers to hand over the package to somebody else if they had to fix package(s) of a particular maintainer to often without help from the package maintainer. That's needed for the sake of the repository, but should probably happen only on really rare occasions.

Proposed members for the EPEL Release Manager group

The group is getting formed currently. thl proposed this members:

  • ThorstenLeemhuis ("thl")
  • DennisGilmore
  • MikeMcGrath
  • KevinFenzi
  • ??? -- needs to be further looked at when EPEL finally lifts of

The group should not be to big (not more then 15 or 20 people), but not to small (at least 7?). Members get appointed by the EPEL SIG and not elected and the groups should consist of active people that actually do stuff if problems show up.