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FUDCon London 2005

FUDCon London 2005, the third gathering of Fedora Users and Developers, was held at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo UK, on the 6th of October in Olympia exhibition center, London, UK.

Presentation Schedule

Time FUDCon London 2005
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30 File:FUDCon FUDCon3 FUDCon/FUDCon3KeynoteMTiemann.pdf Keynote 1: Michael Tiemann]
10:30-11:30 Keynote 2: Alan Cox
User Track Developer Track
11:30-12:30 Josep Gubau: Migrating the Government to Free Software Florian LaRoche: Open Source Development at Red Hat
12:30-13:30 File:FUDCon FUDCon3 FUDCon/FUDCon3GBenson.pdf Gary Benson: Fedora Core, Java, and You] File:FUDCon FUDCon3 FUDCon/FUDCon3DVeillard.tgz Daniel Veillard: XEN and Virtualization]
13:30-14:30 James Jarvis: Student Labs Linux in a Microsoft Environment File:FUDCon FUDCon3 FUDCon/FUDCon3JFautley.pdf Jon Fautley: Directory Server]
14:30-15:30 File:FUDCon FUDCon3 FUDCon/FUDCon3MCox.pdf Mark Cox: Security] Alasdair Kergon: LVM: Logical Volume Manager
15:30-16:15 Birds Of a Feather Session (BOF) -- Seminar Theatre 1

File:FUDCon FUDCon3 AlexIncoming.png FUDCons are always fun, but behind the scenes the organizers are frequently putting their lives in danger for the good cause...
File:FUDCon FUDCon3 AlexIncoming.ogm play OGG video]
File:FUDCon FUDCon3 AlexIncoming.mpg play MPG video]
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