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Fedora 8's Online FUDCon

Come join us for our first online community conference where Fedora developers will be discussing features and projects that will be impacting Fedora 8 and beyond.


Aug 11 - Aug 15


IRC based topical sessions, supplemented by Fedora's new call-in sip server. Due to the global nature of the Fedora development community, sessions are scheduled individually by presenters. If you are interested in attending a session please check the session schedule each day for scheduling updates.


Sessions will be making use of the Freenode IRC network . IRC Channels where presentations may be held are:

#fudcon-moderated #fudcon #fedora #fedora-devel

Some presentations may also make use of Fedora's new collaborative call-in server:

Please check the session schedule for which channel to join for a particular session.


Please check here for a summary of where and when each presentation topic will be happening.