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The Status Whiteboard

There are a number of different values for Bugzilla status whiteboard, and some of them may not be obvious. The order and case sensitivity does not matter.

  • "QA" - Generic tag meaning the package needs QA work; not required.
  • "LEGACY" - Generic tag meaning that the package is part of Fedora Legacy; this has mostly legacy meaning (pun intended :) ) from the old bugzilla; now it is sufficient to just use the Fedora Legacy bugzilla component.
  • "NEEDSWORK" - tag meaning the package needs more work: usually new packages (incorporating bugfixes or new security patches), analysis on the applicability of vulnerabilities, etc.
  • "DEFER" - means that the bug is not severe enough to be considered on its own. Rather, its inclusion should be re-evaluated when a higher severity security update for that package needs to be done in any case.
  • "discuss" - tag meaning that the package/bug has an issue which should be resolved by discussion before the package goes forward.
  • "rh73", "rh90", "1", "2", "3", ... -- tags referring to the OS versions which have been identified requiring new packages.
  • "publish-rh73", "publish-rh9", "publish-fc1", "publish-fc2", "publish-fc3" -- tags meaning that a source package has been proposed, but requires PUBLISH vote(s) for the particular OS version. (Note that the meaning is the reverse from the intuitive one..)
  • "verify-rhl73", "verify-rhl9", "verify-core1", "verify-fc2" -- tags meaning that a binary package has been published in updates-testing, but requires VERIFY vote(s) for the particular OS version. (Note that the meaning is the reverse from the intuitive one..)
  • "timeout=<date>", e.g., "timeout=20050713" -- meaning when a timeout for publishing the update (unless problems are identified), according to the QA Testing policy.
  • "impact={critical,important,moderate,low}" -- Generally, tags like this are imported from bugs that have Red Hat's Security Team's assessment of the overall impact of the vulnerabilities for this package, based on their Security Classification document . So far, this tag is just informational.

Many of these tags are used to query specific kind of issues from bugzilla, so their correctness is important.

At the moment, only bug creator and those with special privileges are able to edit the status whiteboard.