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Meeting of 2005-09-15


BobJensen (BobJensen)

ColinCharles (bytee)

GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek)

JonFautley ([sasquatch] )

KarstenWade (quaid)

MarcWiriadisastra (StrikeForce)

PatrickBarnes (nman64)

RahulSundaram (mether)

TejasDinkar (tejas)


  • Mentors - There's a mailing list, art project with Diana is there, but the rest aren't responding. Rahul has responded. Note that there is NO duplication of information by creating new guides - its just revising existing materials. Marc to resend out more information bits about the list to developers, and there have been a small number of newbies that have signed up. Wiki page needs updating, people need to get on lists.
  • FUDCon Promotion - numbers (registrants) 50 at the moment (pending Alex), there has been publicity, sent to the list. Look at list archives for this - lwn, lxer, linuxtoday, newsforge. 2 staff volunteers also.
  • CMC - list is setup, its private, there are people on it. Keep in mind focusing on our strengths and promoting that. This week is week of promotion.
  • Logo - First round at: Infinite freedom isn't decided as the slogan, but the general consensus is that the logo is loved. Concentrate on logo feedback today. Color can be fixed later (like Legacy or something).

Is the 'f' too subtle? Do we need a name?

  • Fedora-derivatives: Rahul will post to list over the weekend, and Tejas has found a bunch of "dead" distros. Rahul is going to download everything he can get his hands on. c.f. Blag on LiveCd list for starters.
  • Legacy pages have been cleaned up at by Rahul, after talking to Jesse and folk on #fedora-devel. Rahul probably volunteering to own the content, infrastructure to fedoralegacy.
  • Do we want a wiki as the main/front page?