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Testimonials from Fedora Weekly News

Ian Brown

My name is Ian Brown and until recently I was a Windows XP user. After a motherboard failure Microsoft declined to continue my OEM OS of Windows XP Professional. I was left high and dry without an OS! I did not have the cash available to purchase another copy of XP and to be frank did not want to. A friend of mine gave me free a copy of Fedora Core 4 which meets my criteria of Email, Web Browsing and writing the occasional document.

ibrown1 at vtown dot com dot au

Marius Andreiana

My 18 year-old sister uses Fedora now. She had some linux experience from using my computer years ago, and some MS Windows experience from school.

I've configured for her a dial-up modem and she uses Evolution to keep in touch with friends (we're in different cities now) and Epiphany. I also got her some games installed and wine, configured to run .exe's when double clicked in Nautilus.

When I went home on New Year she surprised me asking for help on finishing the last Pingus level :)

On Easter I saw she and her boyfriend copied some small, simple MS Windows games and they run them fine with a double-click.

She also listens to music and does school homework in . She goes to an i-cafe to print it, exporting in PDF.

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