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Official Labels

FC6 CD Art

Submissions are being accepted for Fedora Core 6 CD/DVD labels, envelopes, jackets, jewel cases inserts.

Deadline: 09/25/2006 00:00 UTC. ~-Check your local deadline here. -~

09/25-26/2006: review and selection of artwork

09/26-29/2006: finalization of the artwork (if needed)

Any other submission policies/advice here.

Post artwork to the "Submissions" section of this wiki (below) and/or to Fedora-art-list .

Design Specifications

We need CD/DVD specifications


Jewel case specifications

CD/DVD specifications

CD/DVD label measurement and specs

Printable surface area has a 117mm diameter with a non-printable inner circle of 22mm diameter.

File should be 300dpi saved as .tiff or .eps

Do not include printing surface (border + blank center)

translated by CharlesVinchon

  • surface you can print : external diameter 117 millimeters, internal diameter 22 millimeters
  • if you use Adobe Illustrator 10 or lower, you must convert all fonts in curves
  • imports (photos etc ...) in Illustrator files must be in 300 dpi resolutions and saved in .tiff or .eps in binary mode
  • You must give a PDF file or a color output of the final cover

Additional specs

specific to the french batch

Summarized and translated by ThomasCanniot

All colours must be defined as CMJN Euroscale or Pantone colours.

Please consider white as a true colour.

Density between colours should be kept between 15% and 85% not to loose too much details.

Texts minimal size : 4 pt

Line minimal size : 0.2 mm

Illustrator (vector) files :

  • Vector objects : 800 pp by default.
  • Caracteristics : see Photoshop file format indications.
  • Colours must be quadri and/or direct tones (Pantone nuancier couché or not) exclusively.
  • No quadri colors with an inking rate above 280%
  • Over printing of black : check the dialog box about background and/or border (or transparency box in other Illustrator versions)
  • Vectorize all fonts.
  • Use the "info on this file" to validate the document.
  • Saving files : EPS file format

Compatibility : lat version Preview : 8 bits Postscript : level 2 Check box "include imported images" if there are some.

Photoshop (bitmap) files :

  • Images in CMJN colour or grey levels : 300dpi
  • Images in bichromie with "tramés" : 300dpi
  • Images in Bitmap mode or in bichromie with no "tramé" : 1200dpi
  • Becareful : no 256 colours only images or in RVG will be accepted.

This exclude file formats such as : JPG, PCX, BMP, GIF, PPT, DOC

  • Maximal inking rate : 280 %
  • Avoid text under photoshop with a size under 24 pts. Texts are better made with Illustrator and should be made with it.

Do not include printing surface (border + blank center)

Printings on CD directly in Photoshop, files having been reimported.

  • Vectorised draws saved as masks : nothing to enter.
  • Direct colour tones, other than CMJN, must be chosen exclusively une the Pantone nuanciers (couché or not)
  • Saving Files :

Photoshop EPS : 8 Bits, binary coding

Tiff : non compression

CMJN files, with direct tone surfaces : DCS 2.0

Legal Notice

All media should be labeled with a basic legal statement. It must appear as part of the packaging or on the media, but it only needs to appear once.

Copyright (c) 2006 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
"Fedora" and the Fedora logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.
This software is provided "as-is" and without any warranty, either express or implied.

You may also wish to place the address of this website ( on the media for people to refer to.

DNA Submission

Author: MairinDuffy

Submitted: 09/07/2006

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 dna-dvd-090761.png



SVG file: [""]

by NicuBuculei : CD/DVD labels (20061016)

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 dna-dvd-label.png

SVG: File:Artwork CDArtFC6 dna-dvd-label.svg

Author: JohnBaer

Submitted: 09/12/2006

[[Category:: Jewel Case Insert]]

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 HelixCD-091361.png

Added a little marketing to my jewel case submission with the addition of the product name "Linux" and the fedora project URL to the front cover. I also added spline edge detail which would show on the back if folded flat. I used the format from the Fedora 5 cd wiki as a guide (928 x 459 px @ 96 dpi).


Made text change and soften Linux.


Author: JohnBaer

Submitted: 09/13/2006

[[Category:: DVD/CD imprint]]

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 HelixCdLabel-091362.png

Author: CharlesVinchon

Submitted: 09/13/2006

[[Category:: DVD/CD imprint, cd jacket...]]

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 dvd.png






File:Artwork CDArtFC6 tray.png


File:Artwork CDArtFC6 insert-internal.png


File:Artwork CDArtFC6 insert-external.png


File:Artwork CDArtFC6 jacket-64bit.png




Author: DianaFong

Submitted: 09/21/2006

[[Category:: DVD/CD label]]






Author: Jayme Ayres

Free Media - Brazilian Fedora Project

Submitted: 11/06/2006

[[Category:: DVD]]

File:Artwork CDArtFC6 DVD FC6 BRAZIL.png File:Artwork CDArtFC6 DVD FC6 BRAZIL CAPA.png