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Echo cursor theme

The content of this page hasn't been checked for a long time and is possibly outdated. Check needed.


  • create new cursor theme for Fedora
  • create cursor NamingSpec
  • make it consistent with new Echo icon theme
  • make three different sizes: 24x24 36x36 48x48
  • make dark and light version
  • make left-handed and right-handed version

Current Status

  • collecting ideas - please post your ideas to the Sketches section below
  • to do:
  • prepare new page similar to EchoDevelopment - need naming specs and cursor descripitons - DONE: Artwork/EchoCursors/Development
  • MartinSourada - I have found a draft cursor-spec at .
  • MartinSourada - I made a list of Bluecurve cursors. It's a early draft, feel free to edit it: bluecurve-list . References (positions in 24x24 grid) are to this image: Bluecurve-24-1.png
  • MartinSourada - I made a new list of cusors. There are compared cursor-specs with KDE/QT and GNOME/GTK. At the bottom there is a list with cursors not mentioned in spec, but present in bluecurve-list. See cursor-list . We should make a wiki page with a table based on this list where we prepare list of cursors we need to create with default names, descriptions and symbolic links (when the same cursor has different names).
  • MartinSourada - Created new wiki page for NamingSpec .
  • prepare script for building a cursor theme from cursor images


MartinSourada - arrow: File:Artwork EchoCursors LL arrow48a.png LL SVG File:Artwork EchoCursors LD arrow48a.png LD SVG File:Artwork EchoCursors RL arrow48a.png RL SVG File:Artwork EchoCursors RD arrow48a.png RD SVG

  • goal: 3D look, lighting as in Echo icons, easily distinguishable the point where the cursor points
  • to do: further polishing of a shape and colour, adding shadow, changing size to fit well with additions like + or ? or throbber, making smaller versions
  • testing: if you'd like to test the cursor I have built dark left-handed version with xcursorgen. Put arrow to /usr/share/Echo/cursors/arrow (note that arrow is file, not folder), create symlink left_ptr to "./arrow" (without the quotes) and in gconf go to /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse and set cursor_theme to Echo. It should work, if you use instead of "Echo" whatever else theme you have installed or, maybe even if you put it into ~./icons/theme_name/cursors/arrow but I didn't try it. If you try it, please report whether it works or not.


Paper-Based Sketches:

File:Artwork EchoCursors BA-Arrows-Mar21.jpg

  • mainly 3D-ish ones
  • top left and one below: built up of basic primitives, second more square
  • top-right block: thinner plain, wouldn't really work due to lack of clarity during use
  • bottom-left: more Echoey, inc. outline; I see this as being green for some reason, reminds me of the redo icon.
  • bottom-right: with the middle-left; other cursors to build up this set, double pointer is an alternative for hand and a no entry. This set are like folded paper, the bottom-left side having a little shading to fit with Echo lighting.

Digital Mockups:

Arrow: Hourglass: Resize:
Cone (preview) File:Artwork EchoCursors BA-Cube-Arrow-48.png File:Artwork EchoCursors BA-Cube-Hourglass-48.png File:Artwork EchoCursors BA-Cube-Resize-48.png
Cone (files) LL SVG LL SVG LL SVG
  • looks quite fine and detailed: may work given the sharpness of the Echo icons but needs thinker lines for clarity? Will it get lost in the screen or wallpaper?