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Echo Icon Theme Discussion


Isometric vs 2pt poll

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Result from the poll was a close one, with the Isometric view leading by a small margin. For various reasons, the Isometric view be svg of the isometric grid can be found here. (DianaFong)


  • Nothing radical, like has already been mentioned, get some of the original icons in SVG format.
  • Then start adding some more icons to the set, in order to make a more complete set.
  • Replace a few of the most visible icons with an improved version; perhaps the most bang-for-the-buck can be obtained by changing the folder icon*;
  • Currently the large majority of icons have no shadows. add shadows in a consistent way (the same kind of shadows to all elements);
  • Make the lighting consistent across the entire icon set;
  • Add more icons - perhaps the best strategy is to go per application basis: for example set Firefox as a first target, do the entire icon set, go to the next application.
  • The one thing that I think the Tango wiki could use (along with any open icon project) is the ability for users to comment and critique each individual icon. For example, while I like most of the Tango icons, there are a few that I find violate the beauty of the rest of the set, such as the ugly rhombus "computer" icon.
  • On the tango page, there is a section that displays each individual icons, so implementing a way to comment on them should not be too hard.


Mockup 1: Folder Revamp

File:Artwork EchoDiscussion folder revamp nicu.png File:Artwork EchoDiscussion folder revamp nicu.svg

  • I am not very satisfied by it, but here is a possible approach: it still a folder, looks pretty much like Bluecurve but is different. (NicuBuculei)

Mockup 2: New Icon Style

Sample mockup (20 icons) of a possible 'next gen' Fedora icon theme. This is an experimental work-in-progress to explore future possibilities - a suggestion for a default Fedora icon look. We'd like to keep this an open discussion. Remember, the goal here is a great-looking desktop. (DianaFong, MairinDuffy)

For more information about these mockups, please consult this fedora-art-list thread .

Here's the gallery to contribute and track progress .

  • Note: the Office icon (cup with pen and pencil) is a derivative of the Tango Office .svg


File:Artwork EchoDiscussion vp02.png

Here's some more (approx.45) I made last week...will be uploading the .pngs and .svgs at the icon gallery soon. (DianaFong)

...and some power manager ones I did this weekend File:Artwork EchoDiscussion batch03 battery.jpg

Mockup 3: Computer Icon following new icon style

File:Artwork EchoDiscussion computer-tower.png
File:Artwork EchoDiscussion computer-tower.svg

Inconsistences in the current incarnation of Bluecurve

The current set of icons on a Fedora desktop is an inconsistent mix: Bluecurve, Industrial,, Firefox, Tango and others.

Below is a screenshot showing the toolbars in 3 standard GNOME applications: Nautilus (in browser mode to have the toolbar visible), Fille Roller (a random application from the default install) and Epiphany (it is not part of the default install, but it uses only stock icons, just as Firefox have to do in the future).

In practice, the situation is worse, with applications like Firefox, and an occasional KDE program having own icons:

File:Artwork EchoDiscussion mixed icons.png


  • RED: Bluecurve with isometric perspective;
  • GREEN: Bluecurve with shelf perspective;
  • BLUE: Industrial with shelf perspective;
  • ORANGE: I am not sure about this icon, it looks like Industrial with isometric perspective;