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Fedora Core 7 Theme Concept Submissions

All theme proposals have been recieved and are listed below. For FC7 we are no longer accepting new *concept* submissions, but we are certainly accepting artwork for the concepts listed below! Please feel free to discuss any of the proposals and submit revisions to fedora-art-list .

We are currently in round 2. See below for a list of all the rounds and their purpose:

  • Round 1: Brainstorm and gather a list of potential concepts for a theme. Deadline: 4 Dec 2006 (extended to 6 Dec 2006) Ended
  • Round 2: Visually refine the concepts gathered in round 1. You vote for your favorite(s) with your time and effort. Deadline: 12 Feb 2007
  • Round 3: Out of the themes that are left (if a single one doesn't emerge as the most evolved at this point), disuss and determine which would be best. If still undecided, continue evolving the themes that are left visually while developing a full suite of artwork ([1] has a pretty comprehensive list. If a single one still doesn't emerge, continue to discuss and try to single one out. Deadline: FC7 Test 2 or Test 3

Final List of Round 1 Submissions

Proposals that did not make it to round 2

(No pages created for these or concept statements)

  • Fc7ThemeProposalTangram proposed by Jiri Jakub Masek ( [2] )
  • Fc7ThemeProposalGames proposed by Ifeoma Onuorah ( [3] ,

[4] )

What Should A Theme Concept Be About?

For inspiration, consider the goals and themes of Fedora as an operating system - infinity, freedom, and voice are the main concepts expressed in the Fedora logo, for example. You can find some more inspiration in this article on the differences between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora . A key phrase from that article: "Fedora fosters rapid open source development and innovation."

Here's an important guideline for the theme concepts: No release numbers! So keep this in mind as well as you brainstorm ideas.

Participate in FC7 Theme Development

Let's view this as more of a photoshop tennis exercise - a theme shouldn't be any one person's baby, it's a team effort. So remix away! Choose one or more of the theme concepts you like below and start experimenting with them - try to refine how the theme visually expresses its concept, play around with different ways of rendering the artwork, try different colors or styles - basically evolve whichever themes you feel are a good fit for FC7.

There is no formal voting process for themes right now. You vote with your time and effort! So if you really like a theme idea, chip in and help refine it! For our next round (round 3), we'll take stock of how the themes have evolved and try to figure out which ones we need to choose between if there is no clear standout candidate.

Here's the guidelines for critiquing themes and providing feedback:

  • Be very specific with your feedback. "I like it" is not acceptable. "I really like how it makes the use of the Fedora blue color, it's bright and conveys a positive feeling" is much better.
  • For the 2nd round of critiques, do feel free to focus on the rendering. Statements like "it's not polished" are too vague and won't help us polish it. Be specific: "It doesn't seem polished to me because the shape in the upper right is clipped off, and the color palette isn't consistent."
  • Each critique must include at least one sketch/mockup modification, or a link/reference to another piece of work to help you explain your critique. Visual feedback is important!