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Freedom for Project: Starfighter

Hans de Goede on behalf of the Games SIG asked as an DesignService request:

We've recently learned that one of the games we've been shipping uses some non free graphics, for now we've removed this game from Fedora, but we would like to see it return. Thus I wonder if one of you would be willing to create replacement graphics for this game as its quite popular. The game in question is called project starfighter do "yum install starfighter" to give it a try (we cannnot remove packages from released Fedora versions).

The non free graphics which need replacing are:

  • Character Portraits
  • Starfighter (and other spacecraft) images

The graphics in the installed game are all packed in a single .pak file, which requires special tools to open. Click here for a normal tar.gz packaged version of the game resources.

The new graphics

Upload here the newly created graphics resource: