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Fedora Media Art Archive

This page will hold various artwork for use on CD/DVD: labels, envelopes, jackets, jewel cases, etc for previous Fedora Releases.

Fedora 7 Labels

DVD label


File:Artwork MediaArt Archive F-7-DVD-Lightscribe-thumb.png

Fedora Core 6 Labels

DVD label

File:Artwork MediaArt Archive FC6DVDsleeve.png

Files for printer:

Fedora Core 5 Labels used at LinuxWorld and FUDCon 2006

Note: these are the graphics used on the Fedora Core 5 DVDs given out at LinuxWorld and FUDCon 2006.

DVD label

DVD label

Bubbles Theme

note: after receiving requests to add the copyright notice, with its huge size, and to place it in a certain position, I had to change the layout a couple of times, this is why it does not match the original I posted on the mailing list.

DVD label

DVD label

DVD label

Brazilian Fedora Project

Fedora Core 6

DVD label
Jevel case

Fedora Core 5

File:Artwork MediaArt Archive fedora brazil dvd.png