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Compiz-Fusion in Fedora 8

Gideon Mayhak asks,

"I'm writing a brief e-mail regarding the state of Compiz-Fusion in Fedora 8. The current offering is not what I would consider acceptable. Without the libcompizconfig and ccsm packages, Compiz-Fusion is not worth mentioning. The current configuration offering is a joke at best. Can we expect a proper Compiz-Fusion offering soon, or will Fedora 8 end up touting its pseudo-Compiz-Fusion when it's released? It's obviously not a deal breaker, but I don't see why it would be so hard for official package maintainers to build a couple more packages. I know there are people on the Fedora Forums who are packaging these things as they learn how to package, so maybe you could recruit them. I just hope you can ease my mind with news that they're working on it and we'll see the real deal soon."

Fedora 8 is currently under active development and the release notes in the last test release did mention that what was being offered is a preview. They use glib and gconf instead of the other configuration mechanisms you have mentioned although both the GNOME and KDE front ends have been separated to integrate better with the respective desktop environments. compiz-bcop has been introduced into the repository recently and libcompizfusion is waiting on review at

If you find bugs or want to request enhancements, you can report or request them in against the relevant packages as usual. If there are interested people willing to participating in maintaining or co-maintaining software in Fedora, you are most welcome to do so. More information at We also need people doing package reviews to ensure the high quality of new packages being introduced in Fedora. Review guidelines are available Reviews can be done by virtually anyone.


Robert Myers asks,

"Is the new Nodoka theme going to be ported to KDE? If not, why isn't it?"

It can be ported as soon as someone with the interest, time and skills show up to do it. Martin Sourada answered more questions on Nodoka including this one in a recent interview available at