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Mobile Phone Internet Dialer

Balaji Kumar <kkc_balaji AT> : I am C.Balaji, A Fedora user and promoter(chosen by myself to be) for past 3 years. i am in remote area of India. so i can have internet access only through gsm phones gprs modem.the connection provider was from airtel. almost 35 friends of mine were having internet access only with this type of connection but i cant connect to internet without windows through my mobile. i found an application called gprs easy connect for linux which support many phones. I believe without internet linux will be boring. also it must provide every way to connect to internet. so if you add that 6 mb program as default for fedora that would be more interesting so that more than 1000 people in my own town will have access to internet in linux platform. Since I am being a open source promoter i can assure them with most useful tool to connect to the Internet.

Taking a quick look at this software, it is under the GPL license which is acceptable for Fedora and I have added it to the wishlist[1] . It is however too late for us to evaluating this software and go through the process of integrating and testing it in time for Fedora 8 but we can look into this before the subsequent release. Note that, due to space constraints, only the main software packages is available in the Live images. The rest of the software will be available in the Fedora online software repository.


"Just" Thanks

Don Smith <dmsmith AT> : I just wanted to say thank you to all the developers that work on Fedora. I recently installed Fedora 7 on my Toshiba laptop that came with Vista pre-installed. I'm NOT a Vista fan. I'm am totally impressed with Fedora 7 and feel it is miles ahead of Vista. Fedora 7 is excellent!. Thanks for the great work folks!