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Most of the configurable settings in AutoQA are well documented in the comments of the configuration files. Here is the list of AutoQA's configuration files and some further information that wouldn't fit in the config files themselves.

General configuration


This is the main configuration file where all the general settings are available.

Bodhi Comment Email Settings

Some of the settings used to configure the behavior of emails sent when Bodhi comments are sent by AutoQA require a bit more explanation than what is contained in autoqa.conf.


The possible states of a test or an update as used here are PASS, FAIL, INCOMPLETE or NOTRUN.

Test State Change

A single test can change state that may or may not affect the update state as a whole. An example of this would be an updated package that changes test results from FAIL to PASS.

Update State Change

This type of state change is when the update as a whole would change from PASS to FAIL or FAIL to PASS.

Example where overall result changes from FAIL to PASS:

Run Test Result Overall Result
depcheck 32bit depcheck 64bit upgradepath

Example where overall result does not change:

Run Test Result Overall Result
depcheck 32bit depcheck 64bit upgradepath

Koji Tags and Expected Tests

Since upgradepath is only run on packages in updates or updates-pending, it isn't run on packages in updates-testing. This means that the expected tests change depending on how packages are tagged.

Squid proxy configuration

There is a short guide how to Install and configure Squid for AutoQA if you want to start using a caching proxy.

Supported releases and repositories


This file lists Fedora releases that will be tested and also links them to their YUM repositories.

This file needs to be periodically updated to keep track of currently supported releases. Read more at How to update AutoQA repoinfo.conf.

Login credentials


This is used to configure login credentials for various services and other secrets. Some of the important services include:

  • FAS account - it is needed for AutoQA to be able to send comments with test results to Bodhi. If you don't need to send comments to Bodhi, you don't need it.
  • YOURLS account - AutoQA supports YOURLS shortening service to shorten test results URLs. This feature is optional and you don't need to configure it. Read more about YOURLS installation at Install and configure YOURLS for AutoQA.

Apache web server


This is AutoQA's apache configuration file now used for custom 404 page.


The git-post-receive watcher relies on WSGI. This is its configuration file.

Log rotation


This is the definition file how often and which way should the AutoQA log files be rotated. The log files are placed at /var/log/autoqa/.