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Bharath Gandhi

Hi, I'm Bharath Gandhi. Though I'm no Computer geek, I was impressed by Linux and other open source softwares in general and fedora (or the old RedHat) in particular. In fact I had crashed and formated my hard disk a dozen times right in the first week of my new system, just because I was eager to install RedHat (v.3 I guess). Hope I could contribute some thing for this great project.


  • Email: [[MailTo(gandhibharath AT gmail DOT com)]
  • IRC: Your freenode IRC name and channels you hang out (eg. #fedora-docs, etc.)
  • GPG key: F30ED90A
  • Fedora Account: bharathg

Activities within Fedora

  • At present, I'm not involved any activity of the Fedora Project :\. But, I do intend to contribute to the translation part of the project, translating any part, including documentation, into my mother tongue(Tamil).