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This category contains pages defining the functional requirements for Fedora Server Roles. The Fedora Release Criteria specify that these requirements must be met in Fedora Server (pre-)releases for all Featured Roles. All Featured roles are required to have a requirements page, with test cases that cover the requirements; non-Featured roles may choose to have one.

The purpose of this system is to avoid having to list the requirements for all Featured Roles directly in the release criteria, which would be unwieldy to maintain and difficult to read.

Core requirements are the most fundamental elements without which the role cannot be said to be really working at all. Regular Requirements are all the other key elements of the role's functionality; they are not intended to express absolutely every capability of the role. Rather, the idea is that as long as all the Requirements are met, the role is in sufficiently operational state for a stable Fedora release.

The release criteria pages are the authoritative reference for details of which requirements must be met at which point in the release cycle, but it is safe to say that all requirements must be met for Featured Roles for final releases at least.

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