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Perl Move to MetaCPAN

Summary web frontend for CPAN is being replaced by Many Perl RPM packages refer to This Fedora change aims to mass-update URL and Source RPM tags in affected Perl packages.


  • Name: Petr Písař
  • Email: <>
  • Release notes owner:

Current status

Completed items

  • Update packaging guidelines
  • Develop regular expressions for address rewrite
    • URL: s{\Ahttp://(?:(?i)search\.cpan\.org)/(?:dist|~[^/]+)/([^/]+)/?\s*\z}{$1}
    • Source: s{\Ahttps?://(?:(?:(?i)www\.cpan\.org)(?:/CPAN)?|(?:(?i)search\.cpan\.org)/CPAN)/+(authors/id/|modules/by-module/|modules/by-authors/id/)}{$1}
  • Gather list of Perl packages
    • Packages containing old strings: 2852
  • Dry-run mass-update script to validate output and identify issues
  • Update affected specification files
  • Manually update (invalid or not automatically rewritable or special):
    • perl
    • perl-Crypt-Blowfish_PP
    • perl-Data-AMF
    • perl-Text-Kakasi

Items in progress

Items to be done

Detailed Description

Fedora packages store URL to the upstream web page and URL to the source archive location in their metadata. Most of the Perl packages uses for this purpose. However, won't be the canonical source anymore. We should update the metadata to point to the new location.

Specification for all Perl packages will be updated like this:


This change will be pushed as one commit into each affected Perl package without increasing its release number. We will try to do this change before Perl 5.28 mass rebuild in order to have it visible in Fedora 29 binary repositories.

Benefit to Fedora

Provide up-to-date home page in package descriptions to Fedora users. Fetch sources into Fedora infrastructure directly from upstream location.


  • Proposal owners: Rewrite URL and Source addresses in Perl package specification files.
  • Other developers: Make sure the new addresses are correct.
  • Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

Upgrade/compatibility impact

This change has no impact on run-time.

How To Test

Package rebuilt after this change won't display in rpm -qi output.

User Experience

URL in in RPM packages uses instead of


There are no dependencies.

Contingency Plan

In case the new addresses won't work, we will revert them in the specification files and in the Perl packaging guidelines.


Release Notes

This change does not need to be highlighted in the release notes.