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Python 3.6


Update the Python 3 stack in Fedora from Python 3.5 to Python 3.6.


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Current status

Detailed Description

Python 3.6 adds numerous features and optimizations. See the upstream notes at Features for 3.6 and What's new in 3.6.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora aims to showcase the latest in free and open source software - we should have the most recent release of Python 3.


  • Proposal owners:

All the downstream patches will need to be reviewed and then rebased or dropped accordingly. Since some patches are arch specific, they will need to be reviewed for their respective architecture.

Most of the python packages requiring Python 3, should be compatible with Python 3.6. Some incompatible changes and how to port code to Python 3.6 can be seen here: Porting to Python 3.6

Currently there are 1500 packages in Fedora 26 that either BuildRequires or Requires Python 3, and with the continuing porting efforts, the number gets higher every day.

After change is accepted, and a release candidate of Python 3.6 is available, it will be built for F26.

Release Milestones for Python 3.6

There is already a copr repo with the second beta of Python 3.6 (Python-3.6.0b2) which can be enabled by: dnf copr enable cstratak/python3.6

  • Other developers:

Owners of packages that fail to rebuild during the mass rebuild will be asked, using bugzilla, to fix or remove their packages from the distribution. If any issues appear, they should be solvable either by communicating with upstreams first and/or applying downstream patches. Also the package maintainers should have a look at: Porting to Python 3.6. And python-maint team will be available to help with fixing issues.

  • Release engineering:

A targeted rebuild for all python packages will be required, before the mass rebuild.

  • Policies and guidelines: None
  • Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

Upgrade/compatibility impact

All the packages that depends on Python3 must be rebuild. User written Python 3 scripts/applications may require a small amount of porting, but mostly Python 3.5 is forward compatible with Python 3.6.

How To Test

Interested testers do not need special hardware. If you have a favorite Python 3 script, module, or application, please test it with Python 3.6 and verify that it still works as you expect.

How to get Python 3.6:

  • dnf copr enable cstratak/python-3.6
  • dnf update python3

This will update your system's python3 version to (currently) 3.6 second beta.

User Experience

Regular distro users shouldn't notice any change in system behavior other than the Python3 interpreter will be in version 3.6.


See scope section.

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Do not merge the side tag with rawhide. If the side tag has been merged and issues arise, that will justify a downgrade, then use an epoch tag to revert to 3.5.2 version
  • Contingency deadline: TBD (sometime before the mass rebuild at 2017-02-01)
  • Blocks release? No
  • Blocks product? No


Features for 3.6

What's new in 3.6

Major Changes in Python 3.6

Porting to Python 3.6

Release Notes

Python 3.6.0b2 Changelog