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  1. RollCall + Introductions
  2. Interest Areas
  3. CommOps Toolbox
  4. Story Queue & Editorial Calendar


This is a simple method to get everyone in attendance to introduce themselves by claiming what timezone they are in, and what teams/subprojects they already work on within Fedora.

Like so:

#info decause ET (UTC+5). CommOps, Infrastructure, Council, and Badges

Interest Areas

The CommOps Team requirements have not been set in stone, and are certainly open for suggestions. You can read about the specifics of the proposal here:

For now, we can keep track of who is interested in which parts of CommOps, via this table:

Name Messaging Storytelling Badges Hubs Wiki Culture Metrics Voting Misc
decause X X X X X X X X X
threebean X X X X X X
roshi X X X X X X
nyazdani X X X X X X X
jflory7 X X X X X X

CommOps Toolbox

Already the infrastructure, Design, and other teams have begun developing tools to help drive community initiatives and aggregate metrics.

For now, you can find a listing (to be wiki-fied soon) on decause's blog here:

Project Source Description Stack Interest Area
wordcloudbot Create pretty wordclouds from IRC meeting logs Python Storytelling, Metrics
longtail Measure the ratio of activity/user to approximate burnout Python Metrics
feedcloud Take an RSS feed, or list of RSS feeds, and generate fancy wordlcouds for all/each Python Metrics, Storytelling
annualgrepper gather raw fedmsg totals on topics over 1 year timespan Python Metrics, Storytelling
cardsite live fedmsg tracker inspired by Python Metrics
meetbot-fedmsg-activity jinja2 template that creates links to meetbot activities for each subproject Python Metrics
daily-briefing template takes lists of URLs, generates summary report of daily meetbot links and action items. Manual now, but can be automated in the future. Python Metrics
Fedora Hubs Modern, web-based Fedora activity center Python Hubs
Fedmsg Python package and API that hooks all the services in Fedora Infrastructure together by sending messages to one another over a unified message bus in real-time. Python Hubs, Metrics
datagrepper Using HTTP GET requests, you can query for all kinds of historical data from the fedmsg bus: events by username, by package, by message source, by topic... you name it. REST API Hubs, Metrics, Storytelling
statscache A daemon to build and keep highly-available fedmsg statistics Python/REST API Hubs, Metrics, Storytelling

Story Queue & Editorial Calendar

One of the main goals of the Commops Team is to improve communications--externally through social media and other channels, as well as internally between the subprojects and working groups. There is now a CommOps Calendar that has been created, and the ability to add items to it is available to users with FPCA+1 status. This calendar can be used to coordinate both event planning, and writing about events moving forward. It is a blank slate for now, but likely won't be for long. It can be found here:

Open Floor

This is the normal time when folks can pitch events/stories get onto our radar, like this one by Jen Wike Huger about "My Linux Story":

On, we've started a new series called My Linux Story. We're seeing some great success with it and want to invite you 
to participate.

Each story is different as they are personal and specific to your unique experience with Linux. Yet, some milestones are recurring,
 like when you first learned about Linux / started using Linux; which distro was your first; what was your first Linux-related job 
(if applicable); who taught/told you about Linux; what Linux distro you use now; and so on.

The main focus is to write about what got you started with Linux, what you were using then and why, what Linux means to you now and 
any stories to illustrate that, plus what version of Linux you are using now.

See all of the articles published in this series so far:

Submit your Linux story to us as a file to, and we will move you through the editorial process from there.