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Initial TOC brainstorming page as inspired by lnovich and smccann


1.1 What are Linux containers?

1.2 What is Docker?

bex: combine with ch 1

3. How can I find images?

bex: We should show off the fedora image produced by cloud (which is probably about to start to vary from other distro's base image) and the fedora dockerfile repo (soon to be produced by OSBS as I understand it.

3.1 General / "Safety" information about trusting images you have not made yourself 3.1.A resist the temptation to SSH into another machine or git push from a shell in a docker container / image not built by yourself

bex: The whole "trust" story is a critical one that doesn't have an answer in docker-land yet. Perhaps we should just elaborate on the issues that are involved and how you should pull from sources you trust, like Fedora.

4. How do I make my own image?

bex: This should probably be upstream pointers

5. How can I use my Image / Container?

bex: This is starting to get into project atomic territory in a way - and something that is important to cover. This could allow this to grow into the "Containers and Atomic" guide. We can also touch on the idea of desktop tooling (ala the publican container) given the large footprint of hte desktop distribution of Fedora.

grundblom: Understood, I was thinking maybe how to fire up a container, and useful options and flags.

6. How can I save the changes in my container, or call the same container over and over?

bex: again, upstream may be a good place to refer to on this

7. How do I clean up all these containers laying around?

bex :)


Instead of starting with a "book" how about something that is more of a tour of docker in Fedora? This lets you get somethign published sooner and then build it out as things evolve.

grundblom: Sure, What avanue do you think would be most appropriate for that? Maybe a Fedora Magazine article?... Wiki page maybe?