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David Vantongerloo


  • Email: [[MailTo(david DOT vantongerloo AT telenet DOT be)]
<:> IRC: #fedora - #fedora-qa <:> Nickname: Davidvt <:> Server : freenode

Activities within Fedora

  • Some words about my involvement in Fedora.
  • I do help on the free media program.
  • Debugging new releases of Fedora mostly Rawhide.
  • Member: Fedora Distribution , Fedora Testing

Projects on Fedora

  • Website : []


  • Hi,my name is David Vantongerloo i live in Europe in the City Antwerpen, Am 40 Year old,Professionally, I'm a Web-Developer working for meself.
  • My, Dream is to be an good, C programmer,and System Engineer. Am using Fedora i think 10 years now.
  • Before i was an Die-hard windows user, but this is left in the past now for some time now.
  • See below for a list of Open Source Projects I was involved in the past.

Projects involved in the past

  • IVTV project.