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Fedora Infrastructure CVS

The Fedora Infrastructure CVS repository holds such things as the website, the Fedora Core "fedora-release" sources, and a mirror list manager project.

You can request write access by applying for membership in the cvsfedora group in the Fedora Account System . Furthermore, you must be approved and added to the appropriate ACLs. Normally, write access is granted only to those who are known and have established a prior need to commit to one of the modules in this repository. As a measure to prove yourself, you can always send us patches created using anonymous read-only access. You can file bugs and submit patches against Fedora Infrastructure using Bugzilla . More information can be found in the Bugs section of the ["Infrastructure"] page.

CVS Checkout Instruktionen

To get access to a CVS tree for anonymous read-only access, you will need to do the following:

  • Set your CVSROOT environment variable:
If you have used Fedora Infrastructure CVS before, be aware that the CVS root has changed! The old location,, is no longer correct.
  • Log into the CVS server using an empty password:
cvs login

~-Just press 'Enter' when asked for a password.-~

  • Checkout the desired module.
cvs co <module>

Where '<module>' is replaced with the desired module name. If you don't know the module name, try viewing the available modules using ViewCVS (see the next section) online.

Following these steps will check out the desired module as a subdirectory of the current directory.

Using Write Access

Do you have write access? If so, you can follow the directions above to checkout the source, but make the following changes:

  • Tell CVS to use SSH tunneling:
export CVS_RSH=ssh
You can add this to your ~/.bashrc file to avoid having to re-enter it every time.
  • Use your account over SSH rather than 'anonymous' with 'pserver' for the CVS root:
export CVSROOT=:ext:<youraccountname>

Where '<youraccountname>' is replace with the name of your account in the Fedora Account System .

You can then commit your changes back to the CVS repository, assuming you have the necessary access.


Ein Web-Interface um das Repository ist verfügbar:

CVS commits mailing list

All commits to the CVS module are sent to the Mailing-Liste.

Hilfe bekommen

Die Repository Administratoren geben gerne in englisch Auskunft:

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