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The order of the nominees is the same order the voting application provides.


  • Mission Statement: Continue to help guide the overall technical direction of Fedora. Also, help to reduce the bar for contribution to Fedora.
  • Past work summary: I've been involved in FESCo from the get-go as well as guiding prior Fedora Core releases. Continue to play a part in working on various bits and pieces that help make the distro tick.
  • Future Plans: Continue to drive Fedora forward with best of breed software and continuing focus on improvement. Help to improve avenues for users to become involved as contributors as well as making things easier for existing contributors.


  • Mission Statement : I would like to help out in a number of areas: Fostering better/more communication to package maintainers/end users, help reviewing and getting the formerly core packages all up to speed with our current guidelines, assisting with QA as much as I can.
  • Past work summary : I have served one term on FESCo. I have reviewed around 140 packages. I am often present on IRC trying to pass along any info I can to folks in #fedora-devel and (sometimes) #fedora. I maintain 42 packages, including the Xfce desktop.
  • Future Plans : More communication, docs, wiki pages, and mailing list posts for developers to help them do their job. I'd like to help out with QA and cleaning up bugzilla. I would really like to see all the former core packages reviewed and updated for F8.


  • Mission Statement : My goal is to continue to be a voice for infastructure, Making sure that where possible everything needed to run fedora on a day to day basis is available and done. Try to ensure that each step Fedora makes is a step forward.
  • Past work summary : Maintain Extras for Aurora SPARC Linux, maintain a small handful of packages, buildsystem maintenance. I have done alot of work in infrastructure making sure that servers are up and running. Implemented EPEL buildsys and drove the initial idea forward. FESCo member and EPEL steering committie member.
  • Future Plans : Work on Secondary Archs, Buildsystem improvements, Making a better experience for maintainers in anyway I can. I also have an intrest in Security.


  • Mission Statement : My goal is to further improvements to process and infrastructure to smoothen the package development process. Secondarily I wish to continue improving communication and awareness for all project contributors (both volunteer and RH engineers).
  • Past work summary : Primary driver of CVS package administration, Member FESCO, Release Engineering team, Pidgin and Spamassassin maintainer
  • Future Plans : Next steps include further automation of package development processes. Package Database implementation and other package development automation and integration issues.


  • Mission Statement : Continue to help Fedora grow as a project, and to help increase community involvement in FESCo discussions.
  • Past work summary : Current chair of FESCo, maintainer of quite a few packages, and been known to review some packages when time permits.
  • Future Plans : Continue working on Fedora policies and packaging process improvements. To better communicate FESCo decisions and how they were made, to the community. Also, to work on keeping the wiki up-to-date for policy changes.


  • Mission Statement : My goal is to work to help guide the overall engineering direction in the Fedora distribution.
  • Past work summary : I maintain 18 packages, and have at some point touched way too many more. I've served in FESCo and helped guide the prior Fedora Core releases. For Fedora 7 I set up the Releases section on the wiki, gathered the feature list and imported it into the wiki. I was one of the driving forces inside Red Hat in getting Core and Extras merged, and have worked on the merged CVS system, the updates system, the release tools, and more. At various points in the past I've done bug triage for Fedora Core, release engineering, mass updating of comps, translation syncs, etc.
  • Future Plans: I'd like to continue to work to make sure Fedora releases remain high-quality and stay on the forefront of technology. Whether that means writing new release tools, organizing features, doing development, helping set up new translation infrastucture, or whatever, I'd like to help.


  • Mission Statement : Annoy skvidal
  • Past work summary : yum & co. developer, maintainer of assorted git related packages.
  • Future Plans :


  • Mission Statement : I'm a firm believer in the KISS principle, think that common sense should trump, and like to have as many things open as possible.
  • Past work summary : I maintain 7 packages, seat in FESCo, and try to keep the ["PackageMaintainers/PackageStatus"] page up to date. I've been known to participate in mass rebuilds, mass BZ ticket filing, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself on occasions.
  • Future Plans : I'll continue to keep an eye on the review process, making sure all packages can be easily traced from review submission to retirement. I also like to automate things where possible. I'd like Fedora to become the de-facto source of high quality packages that other, slower moving distros can use to build their stuff on. I'd like Fedora to stay on the bleeding edge, to be the main interface between upstream project developers and usable packages in a coherent distribution.


  • Mission Statement : I'll fill this in a bit more later today. Basically, I want to focus on making sure contributing to Fedora is a smooth process, and help grow Fedora with new spins, additional architectures, and of course more packages.
  • Past work summary : Current FESCo "vice president", member of the Release Engineering team, CVS admin, and maintainer/co-maintainer of a handful of packages.
  • Future Plans : Work with Spot on the Secondary Architecture plans. Help evaluate and refine the current packaging process to minimize burden for package maintainers while ensuring end users get the best quality distribution possible.


  • Mission Statement : Improve our handling of multilib, and increase portability and package quality.
  • Past work summary : Kernel hacker. I own a number of packages, and have been known to work on many more. For the last few years I've been looking after PowerPC support in Fedora. Currently working on OLPC .
  • Future Plans: My main goals would be to improve our painful multilib situation, and bring new architectures such as Alpha and ARM into the Fedora 'fold' -- as well as continuing to support Fedora/PPC fully.


  • Mission Statement: I believe non-technical leadership and perspective is just as important to the day-to-day operations and future of Fedora as its current technical leadership. I would like to improve the administration and project management of Fedora.

Past work summary :

  • Created new Feature control process proposal
  • Feature Manager for F8
  • Track action items and minutes for Fedora Release Engineering and Fedora Board
  • Liason between Red Hat engineering and Fedora
  • Contribute to Fedora mailing list and IRC meeting discussions
  • Documented workflow design for Bodhi (flowcharts)
  • Launched documentation and trac site for RHTS Beaker test writing framework

Future Plans :

  • A comprehensive Fedora schedule:
  • Add durations (number of days or work, etc.) for each task instead of the simple milestones
  • Integrate all Fedora groups into one schedule
  • Manage schedule under SCM with an open source scheduling tool
  • Smooth execution and management of the Feature process for F8
  • Improve the processes around bug tracking and resolution

1. Help people launching the new Fedora-centric bugzilla front page 1. Create a routine process to handle open bugzillas against releases that are no longer supported ( <= Fedora Core 5) 1. Reduce the backlog of open Fedora bugs--today there are approximately 12,500 bugs in a state of NEW, ASSIGNED, NEEDINFO, or MODIFIED). 1. Generate and publish useful metrics pertaining to the number of bugs in different states and raised against different releases to evaluate the quality of our releases and our progress in reducing the backlog.


  • Mission Statement : There is a disconnect between FESCo and the Red Hat Desktop Team. Many on the desktop team have voiced concern over desktop-y items being mis-interpreted as we have been at times poor with communication and I'd like to act as a much needed bridge.
  • Past work summary : Firefox, NetworkManager, general desktop. Currently Desktop Applications Technical Lead Engineer for Red Hat working on all of the above.
  • Future Plans : Continuing to integrate the desktop stack well with Fedora, and bettering our relationship with various upstreams.


  • Mission Statement : I believe that children are the future. Teach them well, and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess insi... wait, what? That's not original? Ask not what your FESCo can do for y... huh? Oh come on. Alright. How about this? I plan to keep being a voice of reason on FESCo, to relentlessly represent the Fedora packaging community (as well as the elite 100+ packages club), and continue to act as a bridge between the Fedora Packaging Committee (Packaging Guidelines/Policy) and FESCo. I'm also involved with Fedora/Red Hat Release Engineering (they pay me to do that). And of course, I still have ninjas .
  • Past work summary : Founding member of FESCo. Chairman of the Fedora Packaging Committee. Maintainer of more than 100 Fedora packages. Author of the original Packaging Guidelines. Red Hat Employee since 2001. Project Leader for Aurora SPARC Linux. Escaped from Jurassic Park.
  • Future Plans : Secondary Architecture integration and coordination. Continued process improvement. Steering the good ship Packaging. World domination.


  • Mission Statement : My goal is to continue to work on the package review process, and (should I be re-elected) to continue to act as an advocate and proxy for package reviewers on FESCo. I believe that package submission is the primary method by which users are able to contribute to the community, and that package availability is one of the important factors users consider when choosing a distribution. As such, the review process is the bottleneck for two primary issues facing Fedora and it warrants a FESCo member who makes it their primary concern.
  • Past work summary : I've spent one term in FESCo and have been on the Packaging Committee since its inception. I have reviewed almost 400 package submissions and have authored and worked on many packaging guidelines.
  • Future Plans : I intend to continue to work to bring the review queue size down, and to continue to assist reviewers as best I can. I also hope to become involved with the PackageDB, as I expect that many improvements to the review process can come from it.


  • Mission Statement : I wish to continue driving forward Fedora as a project and as a distribution, while keeping things sane for the every day contributor.
  • Past work summary : Leader of Fedora Legacy from start to finish, Fedora Release Engineer since Core 5, leader of Fedora Release Engineering team, member of Fedora Packaging Committee, and I've been a part of FESCo for quite a while.
  • Future Plans : I plan to continue to improve the workflow for maintainers and to improve how Fedora as a project gets releases out the door and how we get our feedback from the users.