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This template is neither official nor final. Please do not use it yet.

Template for wiki pages

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This page is an idea for a template for our wiki pages. It's purpose is to engage a discussion for deciding on a page structure that can be used for most wiki pages.

The first paragrahps are the description of the page. The best thing is to have one or two paragraphs of description before the table of contents so that one can get what the page is about without having to scroll down. Best practice is to have a correct hierarchy of headings; h1s should be followed from h2, after that an h3 and so on.

  • Before* the text, but after the page title, each Fedora subproject can specify its banner and Navigation Box (probably combined into one element/table). Before the first == Level-2 heading == a table of contents should be placed.
Some pages want to point something out before visitors read the whole page. They can use a message box for this.


A wiki page should almost always have one = Level-1 heading = on top of it which identifies the page. This should be decsriptive because after the URL and title is the most important element on the page.

Headings should always be well-nested, that is, h1 is followed by h2 etc. Any logical grouping on your page should be grouped using a heading. You may use [[TableOfContents(2)] if you want only up to level-2 headings to show up in the table of contents.


Each page should end with a category. Choose one from the CategoryCategory page or create your own.