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Fedora Usability : Introduction Guide


Welcome to this quick introduction guide devoted to Fedora Usability. You will find here some tips for obtain coherent, accessibility and usability things for the applications and more present in Fedora.

The computer is a vital element of our society, economy, and this one, years after years, months after months has obtained a place in our homes, sotfwares and others devices always evolving, so providing more users coming from all horizons. The computer is a machine, by consequence we need services about this object and not the reverse. With an accebility product we produce more and our work and life are better ;-).

What's the usability?

Concretely, the usability is assigned to the easy-to-use and to the comprehension of a resource, by example, the use of an operating system, a software or other by people who haven't hard skills with a computer. Allow to normal people to use a tool in the effective way where they will can produce more and improve their work.

Usability Principles