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This is the start to the Docs QA guidelines...

What to Look for When You Review a Guide

Note: This is an informal and incomplete list.

  • Compliance with Fedora Documentation Style Guide
  • Broken links
  • Appropriate license
  • Misspelled words
  • Repeated words (E.g., 'the the')
  • Grammar errors
  • Documented procedures do what they say and do not cause problems
  • Potential problems are given admonitions, where appropriate


Some of these checks can be automated, others by their nature can not. The script File:Qa provides an example of how DocBook XML might be automatically checked for:

  • Misspelled words
  • Repeated words

It also currently checks for use of entities outside the Feedback / Legal Notice / Book Info files. This script could also be extended to check for:

  • Broken links
  • Contractions
  • Suggestions welcome?


  • Run from within the book's root directory, for example musicians-guide/, to check the whole book.
  • Run FILENAME to check a single file.