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General Information
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Cental American free software meeting.



 SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS - AUGUST 7th AND 8th, 2015 calendar event (

Event Description

It is an international event open to the public interested in sharing experiences and knowledge, joint social movement, develop and participate in business projects, investigate and discuss the state of the art, collaborate and participate in user groups and development of free software.



  • Strengthening the processes of social, philosophical and political awareness on free software in the region.
  • Create opportunities for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, which should produce competencies and skills to the creation and development of projects and free software companies.
  • Raise awareness among academic institutions in the region, especially to universities, the importance of education with free software.

Expected Results

  • Increased capacity building and strengthening communities of free software in the region.
  • Consensus processes that lead to propose public policies that facilitate the adoption of free software in the different countries represented.
  • Through technical training sessions, we hope to increase the knowledge, skills and competences of the participants in free software on end.

why it is important for fedora ?

There will be people from different user groups from all Central America. There should be people from user lug, but also from communities like word press, mozilla and such. My objective is to try to understand the different schedules and agendas of different central american communities. We don't have ambassadors listed on Costa Rica, ambassadors on Honduras and Guatemala are not active. Knowing what are the activities in other countries we can plan ahead to participate in their activities to bring awareness about fedora and possible get some contributors.

Event Owner

Fernando Espinoza Lopez Ambassador of Fedora in Nicaragua


  • create communication boundings
  • motivte the creation of new fedora communities in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras .
  • share how to collaborate with fedora
  • indentify possible ambassadors and get their contact data for follow up

Important Deadlines

Registration Payment should be done before June 30th, 2015.

Event Budget

The investment for participation in this event is $ 165 including lodging from August 6th to 8th, 2015 and meals during the days of the meeting. Transportation costs are covered by every person attending.

Bus fare from Managua, Nicaragua to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and return is $ 84

Travel Subsidy Requests

Registration, meals and lodging package $165 Bus Fare $ 84 TOTAL $249

This was submitted by latam trac ticket 288 and approved in the regional meeting.

Event Report