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EPEL SIG Meetings

The EPEL SIG meeting are open for everyone and held each week on Wednesday in #fedora-meeting at 20:00 UTC. Due to the fact that different parts of the world go on daylight savings time at different dates, the meeting time is fixed.

The date-applet in the gnome-panel can tell you the week number (in the left column); this corresponds to the number of week it is since the beginning of the year.

See the schedule for topics that are currently being discussed and worked on. Meetings are typically one hour in length, but may be terminated early if all business is concluded. The agenda for each meeting is sent to the epel-devel list a day or so before the meeting takes place. There is also an open Floor section at the end of the meeting for any items that were not able to be on the agenda.

Please read and follow the FESCo Meeting Guidelines when participating in the SIG meetings, as the EPEL Steering Committee meetings follow them as well. In short: it's an open meeting where everyone can participate and have an opinion heard. Occasionally we need some quiet and organized phases -- for example, during voting.

For summaries of what happened in the meeting, please see the meetbot logs. These logs are posted to the list after each meeting and also are available at*