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Edward O'Callaghan

I'm a student in full time education, I was born in 1987 and started to work with Linux at about the time of RH6.


I teach myself in my own time the following subjects:

  • Programing in C & ASM for RISC.
  • Electronics.
  • Unix/Linux.
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics.
  • Wolfram Mathematica.


Certification: Expected date:
Warning.png LPIC - 1. ~Feb2007.

Contact Information

Location: Australia, Canberra.

Emails: [[MailTo(victoredwardocallaghan AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT COM com)]

IRC: #openmoko #fedora #opensolaris They are all at, my Nick is the same.


  • Testing Project - For the moment.
  • Idea.png TO ALL EdwardOcallaghan/WindowsVista owns please read this page !
  • PS3 PlayStation port of Fedora. i.e. - PPC with Cell patches and optimization.

Idea.png Cut out unneeded services and packages and build a PS3 only spin of Fedora optimized for a multimedia user.

  • Thinking of a GUI tool for identifying and diagnosing hardware issues.

Idea.png Device drive issues; packaged up simple tar files, containing important log files such as dmesg to help developers write new device drivers, help end users with their exotic new hardware under Linux(Fedora) & steps to get hardware going thats still under heavy development. Warning.png Needs a great name, still thinking... All ideas about this are welcome!

  • Pirut - Looking into a big review of it !

Idea.png My work on a PirutReview

My GPG Key

Idea.png To import my key type, in a Terminal $ gpg --recv-key D5888062