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Packaging in EPEL

The packages in EPEL mainly follow the Fedora Packaging Guidelines -- that includes packaging guidelines , the package naming guidelines and the package review guidelines that are designed and maintained by the Packaging Committee .

But there are some exceptions for packages in EPEL, which are listed below.

General exceptions

  • Packages in EPEL should never replace packages from the enterprise distribution it was build for
  • Packages in EPEL should never knowingly cause trouble in packages of the enterprise distribution that the package is build for
  • Software that is in some form part of a enterprise distribution version or one of its spins is not allowed in the EPEL release for that product version
  • kernel modules are not allowed in EPEL

Distribution specific exceptions


  • RHEL Python packages should manually depend on the proper python version that it was build for. Most old FC-3 python packages should still use this trick.