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Proposal for Extras EOL

This proposal was sent by JesseKeating regarding EOL policy for FedoraExtras:

This is a rough draft of what to do about Extras when a Fedora release
goes EOL.

When a Fedora Core release reaches End of Life (such as Fedora Core 3
will once Fedora Core 5 Test 2 is released), the corresponding release
of Fedora Extras well enter a Maintenance state.  In this state
maintainers will be allowed to issue updates to existing packages, but
no new packages can be introduced.  Maintainers are strongly urged to
only issue severe bugfix or security fixes.  New software versions
should be avoided except when necessary for resolving issues with the
the current version.  At this point there is no plan to close a release
of Fedora Extras, preventing any further package releases.

While the Fedora Core release will be transferred to the Fedora Legacy
project, Fedora Legacy will not be responsible for maintaining Fedora
Extras.  We feel it is better for the current package maintainer to
continue handling package releases for the Fedora Extras release that is
in maintenance state.

During the time which a Fedora release is still 'supported' or in 'maintenance mode', the proposed Fedora Extras Security Response team would be allowed to issue security updates for a given package. After a release exits maintenance mode there should be no expectation that the response team would be responsible for issuing any further updates. This whole thing depends upon the ratification of the Extras Security Policy .