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The Fedora for Power team is ready to take the cat out of the bag for the beta release of Fedora 19, "Schrödinger's Cat", which is available at your closest mirror:

What is the Beta release?

The Beta release is the last important milestone before the release of Fedora 19. Only critical bug fixes will be pushed as updates, leading up to the general release of Fedora 19. Join us in making Fedora 19 a solid release by downloading, testing, and providing your valuable feedback.

Of course, this is a beta release, meaning that some problems may still be lurking. Fedora for Power shares all of the bugs on the Common F19 bugs page, seen here:

Fedora 19 Beta's default configuration allows applications and users with administrative privileges to install signed packages from the official Fedora repositories (but no other packages) without authentication or confirmation. This was inherited from PackageKit upstream, is not Fedora's intended behavior, and will not be the case for the Fedora 19 final release. More details on this issue and the planned behavior for the final release can be found at .


  • Additionally, Fedora 19 for Power has now enabled the llvmpipe software renderer, resulting in dramatically improved graphics performance (including Gnome3 within VNC)

Known Issues

  • Firefox may crash the first time you start it. Subsequent launches will work without crashing.
  • When running Gnome3 under VNC, you may see an all-grey screen after answering the initial setup questions. Press the Escape key to go to the desktop.


More information on Fedora for Power can be found at To get involved in testing and development of Fedora for Power, join us on IRC in #fedora-ppc on Freenode.