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When and Where

Aug 23, 2014, 9:00 AM at the Red Hat Pune office.

You'll need to get in touch with Siddhesh in advance so that passes can be arranged for your entry into the office. Please note that we could accommodate maximum 25 participants for the day. These would be the first 25 registered on this page. While tea/coffee would be available at the venue, participants need to arrange for their lunch.


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  • Testing Fedora 21 (Details TBD)
Name Component(s) comments
Huzaifa Sidhpurwala Security Regression testing Test fedora 21 against some security flaw reproducers
Amit Shah Desktop, Virt testing Test F21 as host and guest; desktop (gnome); suspend-resume
Kashyap Chamarthy Virt, OpenStack testing Test latest Virtualization from virt-preview; snapshots, disk image management
Siddhesh glibc Run and review glibc tests
Amita Sharma 389 Test 389 installation and basic features for F21 alpha
Kaushik Banerjee SSSD Integration of Linux Desktop with Samba PDC
Siddharth Sharma Security / Mitigation features Test F21 packages for security / mitigation features
P J P Default DNSSEC resolver Test F21 DNSSEC feature


Using Etherpad at to record progress

Etherpad contents at end of session.

Name Bugs Filed Comments
Amit Shah Bug 1133182 GNOME error after restore from suspend-to-ram
Bug 1133184 Kernel problem after suspend-to-ram
Himanshu Madhavani BUG 1133185 Root Password issues while Installtion
Praveen Kumar BUG 1133186 Gnome-Software don't list Installed packages from Live CD
Chandan Kumar BUG 1133183 Date and time buttons are disabled while doing on and off the network time
Natesh Sharma BUG 1133207 fdisk -l shows the error "cannot open /dev/sr0: No medium found" in virtual manager
Siddhesh Bug 1133188 Select English as the default language for India geolocation
Bug 1133189 [kde] Radio buttons and check box selections not visible in various installer screens
Bug 1133191 [kde] The mount point selection widget in "Add a new mount point" option not selectable with a mouse
Bug 1133193 UI polish for timezone selection on map during installation

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