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Day Nov 22 - Dec 15 2011

Event Owner By Sureshkumar Packiyarajah(suresht)

Date Tasks Description Status comments Owner
15-11-2011 T 01 Ambassadors Business card printingCheckmark.png hope to finish in next week Suresh
12-12-2011 T 02 Ambassadors T-Shirt FamSco[[1]]|T-ShirtCheckmark.png we will expected by 12-12-2011 Vendor
10-12-2011 T 03 Event Notice,fedora posters,balloons,pens and strictors 0%
Inprogress inprogress
waiting for local software companies sponsorship Suresh
08-07-2011 T 04 Fedora Media/Flyer F14-300 pcs By Kaio and F16???Checkmark.png Received by 08-07-2011 Suresh
22-11-2011 T 05 Auditorium selection University of Jaffna[University of Jaffna] Checkmark.png Confirmed by 22-11-2011 Suresh
15-12-2011 T 06 Travelling/Local Open for anyone
Inprogress inprogress
i will let you know after get local sponsorship Suresh
22-11-2011 T 07 Multimedia presentation equipments provided by UniversityCheckmark.png default in Auditorium Suresh


Question Answer
What's Fedora_Awareness? It will be the first event we are going to do in Jaffna likely others doing in around the world.
Seem to be trying to organize quite a big event? Yes,because of it will be the first event to Jaffna by Fedora & Mozilla so we are going to put strong foundations and get involved as many user in this event.expected Audience Level >150
Food & Drinks i will update after get local sponsorship.
Where is the event page for more details? [Fedora event & Mozilla Event] [Fedora Event][Mozilla Event]
Travelling-Local ? Open for anyone.i will update as soon as possible after get local software companies sponsorship.
Event Owners? Suresh Packiyarajah
Fedora Awareness News announcing  ? [twitter] , [Facebook] and [Blog].