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FAmNA is moving towards a more effective and streamlined meeting schedule which should enable maximum participation for all three regions. As detailed in past meeting it is difficult for both east and west coasts to have a common meeting time that facilitates a good time to conduct meetings. The new process will have two meetings per month. One meeting will be chaired by the designated individual for the west coast, and one meeting chaired by a designated individual from the east coast.


Alternating meeting dates

To maximize participation, we discussed the idea of bi-weekly meetings (i.e. two meetings a month), with one at a "East Coast-friendly" and another at a "West Coast-friendly" time. @award3535 would be able to chair the East Coast-friendly meeting, but a volunteer would be needed for the West Coast-friendly meeting.

This lets more people participate in our meetings at a time that works best for them, since there are three time zones that we currently have active Ambassadors split across three time zones


Each meeting is open to any NA ambassador who wishes to attend. The following guidelines should be followed;

  1.  Meeting Announcement: FAmNA meetings are to be announced by email via the ambassadors mailing list by the chair at least one week prior to the commencement of the meeting and include meeting time and day. Meetings can also be announced at the end of a current meeting with the next meeting day/time with a reminder emailed on the ambassadors mailing list.
   2. Meeting conclusion email must be sent on the ambassadors mailing list at the end of each meeting.
   3. Ticket/Voting with respect to Attendance: When a meeting does not have enough ambassadors to vote on a project or event, it causes delays and be frustrating to plan and pitch events. Current rules have a requirement of 5 Ambassadors with a positive vote to approve events/projects will remain in effect. If there is low attendance at the meeting, the issue can be sent to the opposite meeting for final vote. This will require an update in the ticket for the opposite meeting requires vote for event approval. For example, an event on the east coast only has 4 votes (four ambassadors attending the meeting) an update in the ticket must be entered stating the next meeting for the west coast requires a vote on their meeting (and vice versa). Email sent to the ambassadors mailing list should also include the request for opposite meeting vote requirement. All events require a minimum of 5 ambassadors’ approval, and the Treasurer has the final thumbs up or down when the budget is involved. The treasurer vote is not a vote to approve or disapprove event approvals, just as a check for available funding. The treasure can stop event/project planning until budget will support what is being requested.
  4.  Meeting time and day are determined by the regional ambassador and/or meeting chair for west and east coast. Central time zone ambassadors will have to attend one or both meetings as desired since the time difference is not as drastic as east and west coasts.
  5. Meeting format: FAmNA will continue to hold the same meeting format for each coast as follows; Meeting Name, Roll Call, Announcements, Tickets, and Open Floor.
   6. Event planning guidelines will be revised to reflect Mindshare initiatives.
   7. By moving towards this type of format will require more work and initative on our ambassadors. Event wiki pages and event information must be ready prior to the meeting voting. If you do not have your information posted on a wiki when asking for a budget, ambassadors should not approve the event. Wiki and pagure ticket must include the required items. This responsibility rests with the regional ambassadors for North America.

Changes to Guidelines

Any changes to these guides will require FAmNA voting procedures for approval.