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Since this is a guideline please do not make any changes. This wiki page is maintained by the FAmNA members based in North America. Currently, this is Andrew Ward (award3535) and Nick Bebout (nb). Please contact them for more clarifications.

The following guidelines apply ONLY to Fedora Ambassadors North America (FAmNA). If you're not from NA, please follow the guidelines for this content of your region.


The NA-specific guidelines are related Event Owner handling within the Fedora community. Each region now has its own guidelines to handle event planning within limits given by FAmSCo and OSAS.

Event Owners are the controlling authority with the event being planned for Fedora. All changes in Ambassadors, budget, and shipping must go through the event owner (and FAmNA if required) for approval

Event Owners must be diligent in getting the event planned far enough in advance to avoid problems with funding and scheduling of shipment items, purchase orders, and Ambassador attendance

Event Planning

  1. Contact the Event Coordinator or Planner to get the event date, schedules, speakers, and booth sponsorship costs for the duration.
  2. If the event does not list compensated lodging on there event web page, search the area for local lodging in the area and their rates.
  3. Create a wiki page with information about your event (eg: Date and venue, purpose, tentative agenda, detailed budget break down ...)
  4. Include the Mindshare initiatives on the wiki you create; Why does Fedora attend, What is the focus of the event, How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important, How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform overall, Measured success.
  5. Anyone can create an event wiki page. There MUST be an event owner (there can be more than one event owner for any particular event if needed)
  6. Gather as much information about the event and include the material on the wiki and be prepared to discuss your event at FAmNA meetings.
  7. Prepare the budget for the event within the guidelines of FAmNA and OSAS
  8. FAmNA meetings are held every Thursday at 21:00ET (9pm Eastern Time), please participate in the next meeting and get your request approved.

Event Ownership Responsibilities

Planning, Approval, and Conduct of Events

  • Advertise, Coordinate, and facilitate Ambassadors needed to support the event. Owner is responsible for determining the number and scheduling of Ambassadors required to maintain the booth at the event ready at all times during the expo. Advertising on the mailing list if needed to recruit Ambassadors to help with the event.
  • Responsible for getting the event budget approved through FAmNA meetings.
  • Updating the budget on the wiki with all required information, for example; amount of budget approved, actual amount total, sponsored Ambassadors travel and lodging expenses approved and actual, and attending Ambassadors travel arrangements. NOTE: All shipping is also required for the report, include or email shipping receipts to FAmNA Treasurer for budget recording.
  • Owner is also responsible for obtaining/coordinating shipping of Event Box, Banners, and Table Cloth (if required).
  • Swag and other materials required for the event is also a responsibility of the event owner. Contact regional Lead Ambassadors West; Brian Monroe - Mid; Nick Bebout - East; Andrew Ward for more information.
  • Event Owner is responsible for budget and personnel changes. Any changes that Ambassadors request must go through the event owner for approval and FAmNA subsequently if the budget has changed outside of the approved amount.
  • Contact and coordinate events that the booth sponsorship exceeds $1,000.00 with project leaders to have purchase order filled out and submitted.
  • Coordinate with event organizers on booth location, setup times, and required utilities such as power and connectivity.
  • During the event Ambassadors will adhere to the Four Foundations and the event Code of Conduct rules.
  • Report any problems in shipping, area and event difficulties, and staffing problems to Fedora Community leaders when feasible.

Helpful Links

Post Event

  • Ensure all materials are packaged and prepared for shipment (if shipping immediately upon completion of event).
  • Ensure shipping costs or receipts for shipping are forwarded to the treasurer for budget consolidation
  • Event report submission. Event owner should advise attending Ambassadors the requirement for event reports as detailed here
  • Owner should also advise attending Ambassadors the requirement in submitting copies of receipts for reimbursement if required.
  • Wiki page is required to be updated with final budget information and links to attending Ambassadors reports. Ambassadors can and should be able to add report links to the wiki, as the event owner you should advise them to do so.
  • Also advise attending Ambassadors that failure to meet the requirements of reimbursements guidelines may result in forfeiture of reimbursement.
  • EVENT OWNERS: Failure to submit a report as event owner may impact future funding of the same event the following year and future funding of upcoming events