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This page is for working through the FUDCon bid process for FUDCon:Santiago 2010.

Initial RFP

We're missing an initial RFP. FIXME -- Max?

Proposal process

The process says: "Proposals shall be announced on the FUDcon-planning mailing list within 45 days of CommArch's announcement. Proposals shall be placed on the wiki."

CommArch's announcement was on FIXME -- Max?

This is the section of the wiki we are placing proposals on. To add proposals to this section, please refer to the proposal process.

City 1

  • Brief description of the city.
  • Major local airports and their distance from lodging and venue.
  • Outline of local mass transit.
  • Detailed description of proposed venue and estimated costs including room capacity and configuration.
  • Description of proposed lodging and estimated costs along with a written agreement from lodging specifying rates
  • Estimated costs of flights major airports that attendees will travel from.
  • Brief description of on the ground resources and their experience with FUDcon/other large events.
  • Notation of internet connectivity options for both hotel and conference venue.
  • Outline of proximate restaurant locations.
  • Deadlines for event reservation, etc.
  • Pros and Cons of the proposed location.