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This page tracks the budget for the FUDCon:Tempe 2011 event.

Robyn Bergeron has created a more up to date spreadsheet here.


Key: FE = Fedora Engineering; CA = Community Architecture. Hotel costs are expressed as $600 for 3 nights, double occupancy. So for every 2 people, it's a $600 cost.

Estimated cost
! Item FE Q2 CA Q2 FE Q3 CA Q3 FE Q4 CA Q4
UTO (tech support) overtime (Sun) $ 750
MemU rooms and equipment (Mon) $ 500
Printing and materials (badges, etc.) $ 500
Food, drink, hospitality
Coffee/danish for 150 (Sat) $ 750
Coffee/danish for 150 (Sun) $ 750
FUDPub food & space (Sat) (space: $700) $4,000
Swag $1,500
Blue Disposable Earplugs - 200 count $25
3@ Airfare from Fedora Eng $1,000
12@ Hotel from Fedora Eng $2,150
4@ Airfare from Fedora Eng $1,200
4@ Airfare from Fedora Eng $1,200
Travel subsidies, airfares and hotel
(these need to be broken out by quarter)
Hack/hosp. suite (Fri-Sun) $ 700
TOTALS $1,000 $0 $1,200 $3,200 $6,150 $12,175

Running total: $23,725. Don't panic. Some of these costs can be spread to Q2 and Q3, and also to the 810 cost center which has a significant set aside.

Important note: This really doesn't raise the budget for FUDCon to >$25K. Because the Fedora Engineering team is using standard travel budget in Q2 and Q3, along with a set-aside in Q4, and since Community Architecture spreads some of its costs around too, we can conserve against the standard $20K allotment.

Other resources

Here's a Google spreadsheet where we're tallying subsidies, just for good measure.