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Planet Fedora

This is the Planet Fedora section, covering news from[1], a collection of blogs from Fedora users spanning the globe.

Contributing Writer: Joel Braun


FudCon Pune 2011

Kishan Goyal posted on his experience on day 2 at FudCon Pune[1].

Joerg Simon posted pictures[2] of the event.

Izhar Firdaus wrote about his experience[3] at FudCon, as well as some thoughts on the atmosphere of the event.

Suchakra also blogged on Fudcon Pune[4].

Kushal Das posted photos[5] of the event to his blog.

Fedora Community

The release of Fedora 16 has been the main topic of the blogroll recently, and it's fair to say that it's being greeted with open arms by many of the users.

Juanjo Martinez blogged on his first impressions of F16, calling it an "impressive release"[6].


Adam Williamson posted about [7]starting work on Fedora 17, and experimentation with the new kernel in a virtualized environment.