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To produce statistics which shows bugs and security vulnerabilities fix in the first 6 months of release and work to reduce it.


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Lately I've been seeing a lot of graphs from Microsoft showing that Linux has more bugs and security vulnerabilities in the first year of life. Unfortunately the public doesn't know that the Linux world is quite different that Windows. The first year of life there was also 95% more features added over Microsoft, so naturally more bugs and security problems.

What I suggest two things:

  1. Find a way to separate bugs and security vulnerabilities introduced because of enhancements and ones which were found in the base release. Post these stats somewhere on fedora page.
  2. Find a way to reduct the base bugs. From the included video they are talking about a published method for reducing bugs called SDL (Security Development Lifecycle). Maybe Fedora could adopt it or come up with our own model?

Largely sparked from this video: [1]

Benefit to Fedora

Better press. The more users who use Fedora the better it becomes. To get users we need to build a better install base. (Not that Fedora would include the software, just that it's available). To do that we need to convince software companies, like Garmin and Autosketch, that Linux is up to the task. Talk about chicken and the egg.


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