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Systemtap 2.2


A new feature release of Systemtap


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Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013-05-14
  • Percentage of completion: 100%
  • systemtap version 2.1 was released mid-February, available in rawhide & older fedoras
  • systemtap version 2.2 released May 14

Detailed Description

Systemtap 2.2 will introduce some new features:

  • Native Java per-method probing capabilities (using byteman)

Plus new features arrived in systemtap 2.1:

  • A suite of error-explanation man pages.
  • Perf event probes may now be read on demand
  • Perf event probes may now be bound to a specific task using the process name
  • The dyninst backend's runtime has been improved to allow much more concurrency when probing multi-threaded processes

Benefit to Fedora

This update further expands systemtap's native probing domain and capabilities, allowing for diagnosis and analysis of a greater variety of situations.


Only the systemtap packages would be modified.

How To Test

Testing will be completed by additional test cases within the systemtap testsuite. These tests are being added as the features are being developed.

User Experience

Users will be able to leverage the new features by specifying the expanded language syntax in their script or specified command line options.


  • Dyninst portions of systemtap rely on the dyninst rpm (maintained by Josh Stone)
  • Native, per-method java probing makes use of the byteman packge (maintained by Marek Goldmann)

Contingency Plan

In the event that not all the proposed features are contributed to upstream systemtap, then the then-latest version of systemtap will be used.


Systemtap provides man pages for errors, warnings, build-in functions, probe points, and tapsets. In addition, systemtap packages examples, and helpful scripts, which describe proper coding style and notation.

Online Systemtap Documentation

Systemtap Beginners Guide

Systemtap Language Reference

Probing Java Methods With Systemtap

Release Notes

Systemtap routinely provides detailed release notes with each release, this trend is expected to continue and Fedora can use upstream's release notes in place. systemtap 2.1 release notes

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