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fedbot is a supybot instance connected to several IRC networks that have fedora community members present.

This page describes what fedbot does and how it can be used by those with the permissions to operate it.

The main functions of fedbot revolve around the main Fedora irc support channel, #fedora. Fedbot is joined to this channel and usually has operator privileges in the channel. It does the following functions there:

  • flood control. fedbot will note when someone is pasting something longer than a few lines and remove them from the channel with a note to use the fedora pastebin site for high volumes of data instead of flooding the channel. This function is automatc.
  • fedbot can be used by the irc operators to remove users who are disruptive or fail to follow the channel guidelines.
  • Sometimes Fedora related irc events or announcements are happening and fedbot can announce them periodically to the channel.

Fedbot is also in the #fedora-social and #rhel channels. In those channels it does the following:

  • follows youtube video links and gives a description of them to the channel.
  • Provides weather forcasts via the @weather XXXXX command (where XXXXX is the zip code or location)

Fedbot is in the #fedora-unregistered channel. In that channel it:

  • Provides flood control just like in #fedora.
  • Provides an automated notice on how to register with Libera so users who are unregistered can login to the main #fedora channel.
  • Provides the ability to remove disruptive users.

Fedbot is on this channel to assist the #fedora-desktop channel. On this network the bot does the following:

  • follows bugzilla links and bug # statements from the channel and prints out information about them.
  • provides information from the fedora account system about packages and fedora accounts.

End user interaction

Fedbot has some limited end user facing informational commands. All commands are prefixed with '@':

  • Release and End of life dates for all of the fedora releases. These commands take the form of: "fNrelease" or "fNeol", where N is

the fedora release number and 'release' is the time since or until the release date, and 'eol' is the end of life date for that release. Note that the "Fedora Core" releases are prefixed 'fc' and 'Red Hat Linux' releases are prefixed 'rhl'.

  • The "googlesays" command does a "I feel lucky" google search and sends the result to the nick in the first argument. For example:

"googlesays bob fedorawiki fedbot" will return 'bob: <results of search for 'fedorawiki fedbot'>'

  • The "fedorareleasenames" command will return a list of Fedora releases and their names.
  • The "rhlreleasenames" command will return a list of Red Hat Linux releases and their names.
  • The "rhelreleasenames" command will return a list of Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases and their names.

Operator information

Operators of fedbot are those in the irc-support-operators group and selected others authorized by people in that group. In order to manage the bot you will need to first register with it:

/msg fedbot register <name> <password>

You will then need to have the bot owner (nirik) update your account with the needed privs.

Some common operator commands:

  • /msg fedbot list alias - There are a number of aliases defined, this lists them.
  • /msg fedbot scheduler repeat XXX YYY - repeat a command every XXX seconds doing command YYY. This is used to add a repeating announcement.
  • /msg fedbot scheduler delete XXX - stops a repeating command named XXX.
  • /msg fedbot kbanXX YYY - kicks and bans uses YYY from #fedora for XX time. This is automatically removed after the time expires. Times are 15m, 1h, 1w, perm.
  • /msg fedbot banXX YYY - bans hostmask (not username) YYY from #fedora for XX time. This is automatically removed after the time expires. Times are 15m, 1h, 1w, perm.


For any questions about fedbot, please contact User:Kevin via email or on irc (nick: nirik).