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UMS Labuan LAMP Training featuring Fedora

UMS Labuan is a beach University located in the Labuan Island near Borneo. The University focused on 2 main area which are Offshore and International Banking and IT Research House in terms of e-Commerce and Multimedia. The Training is about basic Linux using Fedora as most participant is not familiar with UNIX based system and also setting up LAMP stack. Also Joomla! and phpMyAdmin installation is shown for real world basic deployment purpose to show the power and simplicity of LAMP stack.

Date and Location


During the 2 days, the students being taught the foss ecosystem, fedora linux benefit, installation and configuring the lamp stack. The 2nd day is all abt php and students were train basic and intermediate php programming on fedora linux. The student were given some documentation on howto learn fedora and suggest them to create FOSS club at the university. Hopefully we will increase malaysia and APAC developer and user in the future by this small effort.

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