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Fedora Presentation @ Neapoli-Thessaloniki,Greece

When and Where

29 April 2010 - Neapoli (Thessaloniki), Greece The presentation has been postponed to 29 April,due to some problems

Blog Post (mostly in Greek)


Giannis Konstantinidis will give a talk in his high school about Fedora as an operating system and Fedora community.There will also be a small workshop for around 20 minutes

Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
    • Netbook (EeePC 1001)(gkon)
  • Swag
    • 30 LiveCDs (gkon)
    • Stickers (gkon)
    • Flyers (gkon)

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Friday Clean-up Comments
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X Event Owner

Event Report