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This page is intended to gather feedback from the Fedora QA community on things that worked well and things that could have been better with the testing of Fedora 18. The feedback will be used as a basis for identifying areas for improvement for Fedora 18 testing. Any thoughts, big or small, are valuable. If someone already provided feedback similar to what you'd like to add, don't worry ... add your thoughts regardless.

For any questions or concerns, send mail to

Providing feedback

  • Gwjasu - I like ____ about the new ____ process

Adding feedback is fairly straight forward. If you already have a Fedora account ...

  1. Login to the wiki
  2. Select [Edit] for the appropriate section below.
  3. Add your feedback using the format:
    * ~~~ - I like ____ about the new ____ process
  4. When done, Submit your changes


If you do not have a Fedora account, follow the instructions below to submit anonymous feedback. Please note, mediawiki records the IP address associated with any anonymous page edits.

  1. Select the appropriate page for your feedback...
  2. Add your feedback using the format:
    * ~~~ - I like ____ about the new ____ process
  3. When done, Submit your changes


Things that went well

  1. Wutao85 - New Testers - There are some new testers join in the Alpha testing. This is pretty exciting, the more people join in, the more high quality bugs can be caught.
  2. Adamwill (talk) - freeze readiness - QA and FESCo combining to do pre-freeze evaluation of newUI for Beta seems to be working well, we should look at formalizing this for future features that have significant implications for the release requirements

Could have been better

  1. Cpanceac - I wish, that f18 alpha was not declared GOLD, knowing that it will destroy data, by default. Even after such a decision was made, i wish the announcement informed us clearly that f18alpha *will destroy data*, and not wait one more week until the release notes become available.
  2. Wutao85 - Reply in time - Due to some problem of my email, I have not give an in time reply to some bugs, this can be done better.
  3. Adamwill (talk) - Criteria clarity - the criteria are getting awfully long and text-y; we should look at ways to improve the presentation and make them clearer, see this mail
  4. Adamwill (talk) - criterion "All applications listed under the Applications menu or category must withstand a basic functionality test and not crash after a few minutes of normal use." is pretty vague and fudge-y, we should look at improving it: we didn't want 885147 to be a blocker, for e.g.
  5. Adamwill (talk) - release notes were not ready by RC time, no procedure in place to ensure they were built and submitted apparently
  6. Adamwill (talk) - no-one ever runs the xen test cases
  7. satellit (talk) - test install on real hardware not just in Virtualization


  • Cpanceac - I don't know if this is the right place for this but i'd like to receive only messages from humans, on fedora test list, and not messages regarding some updated packages being released for {latest-1, latest, next, next+1} fedora versions.
  • Adamwill (talk) we don't have test cases for wireless or static wired network installation, either cmdline or interactive


After enough time has been given for feedback, the QA team will discuss and make recommendations on changes to prioritize for Fedora 18. This section organizes and lists the recommendations.

In order to coordinate efforts, and measure effectiveness of recommendations, please record and track any action taken in the Fedora 18 roadmap in the QA TRAC instance.