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Given by Max Spevack (irc: spevack)


spevack ok 06:00
* spevack is ready to get started. Who's here for the Fedora Ambassadors training & tips class? 06:00
* loupgaroublond is kibitzing 06:00
* nirik is watching and learning. 06:01
spevack anyone else here? 06:01
* linuxguru is here for the clas 06:01
spevack yay! 06:01
linuxguru class* 06:01
spevack alright, well I spent some time yesterday revising and re-doing my material, so let's go ahead and get started 06:02
spevack There are two main audiences for this class: 06:02
spevack * Folks new to Fedora eager to participate in their regional activities 06:02
spevack * Experienced Ambassadors who want to train others 06:02
spevack The goal is for this session to be interactive, so please ask questions! 06:03
spevack My name is Max Spevack -- if you want to know more about me, you can read my wiki page -- MaxSpevack 06:03
spevack Fedora Ambassadors continues to grow faster than any other group. This makes mentoring and training critical. To that end, I'm going to cover the mission of Fedora Ambassadors, the importance to the rest of the Project, and also some how-tos of actually being a good ambassador. 06:03
spevack The goal of this class is to make sure that new Ambassadors who have joined the project understand how Fedora Ambassadors works, what your local resources are, and how you can be an effective Ambassador. 06:04
spevack 06:04
spevack Let's start by outlining the most important functions of Ambassadors (in no particular order): 06:04
spevack (1) Fedora Ambassadors are often the "public face" of Fedora in their region, country, or city. Fedora Ambassadors organize the events in which people are exposed to Fedora, and learn about the values of the Fedora Project -- freedom, friends, features, first. 06:04
spevack 06:05
spevack (2) Fedora Ambassadors are the folks who implement the strategy that Fedora Marketing develops. 06:05
spevack 06:05
spevack (3) Fedora Ambassadors are one of the most important means of recruiting new contributors to the larger Fedora Project. 06:05
spevack 06:05
spevack Now we'll go into greater detail on all these points. 06:05
spevack Any questions or comments so far? 06:06
linuxguru no. please continue. 06:06
loupgaroublond yes 06:06
linuxguru okay 06:06
spevack loupgaroublond: go ahead 06:06
liujiyun go 06:06
loupgaroublond is everyone looking for th ebasic stuff first or the more advanced parts? 06:06
spevack loupgaroublond: i tailored this content to people who have never done anything w/ Ambassadors before, because it was suggested to me that a bunch of newbies from India/APAC wanted to come to this class 06:07
loupgaroublond gotcha :) 06:07
spevack loupgaroublond: but we can crumple that up and move on to specific stuff you have if you like. All my content is written down and could just as easily be posted somewhere else 06:07
loupgaroublond nah, i'll ping you for the advanced stuff later 06:07
spevack loupgaroublond: if you have some specific questions, please ask them. 06:08
spevack loupgaroublond: and either i'll say "let's discuss that later" or I'll answer it :) 06:08
loupgaroublond sure 06:08
loupgaroublond looks like your crowd is here now 06:09
* spevack stops, looks around, and asks if any of the folks who just joined are here for the Ambassadors training class 06:09
aveek yes, I am for the Ambassadors training class 06:10
FedoraRick I'm just checking it out the Ambassadors class out 06:10
spevack aveek: would you consider yourself looking for "beginner" or more "advanced" material? 06:10
spevack FedoraRick: same question to you 06:10
aveek The "beginner" material 06:11
aveek I am a Fedora ambassador under probation from India 06:11
aveek And I am learning 06:12
spevack ok, well I'll briefly recap what we have already covered 06:12
spevack and then move on 06:12
spevack I started by discussing the 3 most important functions of Fedora Ambassadors, and I'll paste that part again right now. 06:12
spevack 06:12
spevack (1) Fedora Ambassadors are often the "public face" of Fedora in their region, country, or city. Fedora Ambassadors organize the events in which people are exposed to Fedora, and learn about the values of the Fedora Project -- freedom, friends, features, first. 06:12
spevack (2) Fedora Ambassadors are the folks who implement the strategy that Fedora Marketing develops. 06:13
spevack (3) Fedora Ambassadors are one of the most important means of recruiting new contributors to the larger Fedora Project. 06:13
spevack 06:13
spevack Now I want to go into more detail about each. Feel free to interrupt with questions any time. 06:13
spevack 06:13
aveek ok 06:13
spevack Let's start with (1), being the "public face" of Fedora in your region. 06:13
spevack The first thing that people need to understand is that Ambassadors is an *active* group, meaning that to be a good Ambassador, you must be willing to interact with other people, and to organize events. 06:13
spevack Personal interaction is one of the most important parts of community building, and Fedora Ambassadors provide that far better than an IRC session or a mailing list can. The lifeblood of Fedora Ambassadors is participating at, and organizing, events. 06:13
aveek ok 06:14
spevack This does *not* mean that you have to just go to a big conference and have a booth. Fedora Ambassadors are encouraged to work with schools, universities, companies, as well as open source or free software events. The goal is to educate people about Fedora and about open source, and then to help people become users, and eventually contributors. 06:14
spevack Setting aside Fedora Ambassadors for a moment and talking about the general challenge of building a strong Fedora community overall my experience has shown me that it is almost impossible to over-value what personal interaction brings to the community. 06:14
aveek I am doing just that 06:14
spevack aveek: great! 06:14
aveek I am a student at NIT Agartala 06:14
spevack aveek: what are you studying? 06:14
linuxguru i am a student at Jodhpur university , india. 06:15
linuxguru and run the LUG jaipur. 06:15
spevack linuxguru: awesome! 06:15
aveek Electronics & Communication Engineering 06:15
spevack linuxguru: how often do you have meetings of the LUG? 06:15
linuxguru we also plan to have some good events this summer in our local area. specially targeting fedora. planning a FAD too. 06:15
linuxguru spevack, twice a month. 06:15
aveek weekly 06:15
aveek daily coding sessions at night 06:16
spevack great, great stuff 06:16
liujiyun I am a student at China ,I am major in Information security 06:16
linuxguru i am a computer science student. doing major. 06:16
spevack so, linuxguru mentioned Fedora Activity Days (FAD). 06:16
spevack The importance of personal interaction is also one of the reasons why FUDCons and FADs are so important to Fedora. FUDCons and FADs are the two "biggest" events that we organize within the Fedora community. 06:16
aveek We plan a major install fest after the vacations-anytime between 15-20 July 06:16
linuxguru aveek, i guess NIT have a local LUG. 06:16
spevack aveek: for Fedora 11? 06:16
spevack aveek: or for all distros? 06:17
spevack aveek: (either answer is a good one!) 06:17
aveek yes if I get DVDs else Fedora 10 06:17
linuxguru spevack, yeah. i have heard alot about FAD. and i really plan to have one pretty soon. i also read the url link given by you that day in meeting at #fedora-meeting. and got lot of ideas. 06:17
spevack linuxguru: i'm going to cover that a bit more rightnow 06:17
spevack FUDCon = Fedora Users and Developers Conference 06:17
spevack 06:17
linuxguru spevack, sure. 06:17
aveek I am in regular contact with the NIT Durgapur LUG & Rangeen; & Susmit 06:17
spevack FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific initiatives. Topics include infrastructure, feature development, community building, general management and governance, marketing, testing and QA, packaging, etc. FUDCons are typically held once per year, in each region of the world, and organization is led by Red Hat. 06:18
aveek will have all distros & FOSS tools though 06:18
spevack FAD = Fedora Activity Day 06:18
spevack 06:18
spevack A FAD is a regional event (either one-day or a multi-day) that allows Fedora contributors to gather together in order to work on specific tasks related to the Fedora Project. 06:18
spevack Originally, these meetings were used for local Fedora Ambassador groups to make their plans for the coming year, but the idea is being expanded to bring local contributors together in order to work on any projects related to Fedora, and (if so desired) to organize some sort of social event or to hold the event in an interesting location. FADs can be held as often as there is a reason to have them, and *anyone* can organize a FAD. 06:18
spevack We'll talk more about organizing events later on, unless there are any questions right now 06:20
linuxguru spevack, i heard from susmit about this new format , where we organize FAD once and for 1 month we keep the students active in some projects and after 1 month we plan another FAD. i would like to know more about this thing and how to actually implement this. 06:20
spevack linuxguru: sure. 06:20
* icarus-c is googling FAD 06:21
linuxguru icarus-c, 06:21
* icarus-c falls onto the ground 06:21
spevack linuxguru: i haven't talked to susmit about it directly, but it sounds like he wants to use the Fedora Activity Day "structure" to get people involved directly into different projects. What that list of projects are, I'm not sure, but it almost doesn't matter, as long as folks want to work on them 06:22
spevack I guess the idea would be to have a monthly meeting/workshop/hackfest and call it a FAD, and then each month introduce people to a new project that they can work on for the coming month? 06:22
spevack is that right? 06:22
linuxguru yeah , like we have one local contact who continue mentoring students for the 1 month after FAD and help them with the projects they have under taken 06:23
liujiyun in China there are so little people to take part in ,I don't know how to connected others 06:23
linuxguru spevack, and yes. no list of projects. i will be contacting susmit regarding that soon. 06:23
spevack linuxguru: i'd be happy to help and provide input in that conversation if you like. 06:24
loupgaroublond liujiyun, you start slow, and you find a good context for what you're doing, if you know a couple of people who are interested, it helps to meet with them regularly 06:24
spevack liujiyun: I've noticed that we do very few events of any sort in China. I'm sure there are some technical universities where we could have people talking about Linux & Fedora & Open Source, or some shows where people attend wanting to learn more? 06:24
loupgaroublond once you have regular meetings, it's easy to recruit other people 06:24
linuxguru spevack, sure. let me get inputs from the next LUG meetup we have tomorrow and we will decide on exactly how we plan to under take this. and i will mail you regarding this. 06:24
aveek There is an inertia for the first timers 06:25
icarus-c liujiyun: from my experience, we do have a number of fedora users in China, but they just don't show up in the "official" way 06:25
spevack icarus-c: why do you think that is? 06:25
aveek We are inexperienced about contributing code 06:25
liujiyun icarus-c: maybe 06:25
icarus-c i've been seeing people discussing about fedora on their forum 06:26
icarus-c however, they never know of 06:26
icarus-c or any fedorahosted thing 06:26
aveek Can certain experts come for talks at our install fest or even via video-conference 06:27
liujiyun icarus-c:how can we do to let some offical meeting hold on china 06:27
linuxguru liujiyun, as i see it. china is big. 06:27
diamond_ramsey Yes, China is big... 06:27
linuxguru people are located from each other , very far. 06:27
diamond_ramsey Hello everyone, sorry I'm late. 06:27
icarus-c liujiyun: well.. it would be quite difficult since we don't have a common "official" platform 06:28
linuxguru hello diamond_ramsey 06:28
icarus-c and also note that China is big.. 06:28
linuxguru diamond_ramsey, are you from japan 06:28
diamond_ramsey Yup this week, I'm in Tokyo. 06:28
spevack well, all you can do is hold a meeting in your area, and try to grow it. liujiyun, are you our only Ambassador in all of China? 06:28
spevack diamond_ramsey: welcome 06:28
linuxguru diamond_ramsey, cool. welcome to the meeting. 06:28
diamond_ramsey :) I try doing Fedora 9 & 10 distributions (next month Fedora 11) :) 06:28
* icarus-c mentions that he comes from hong Kong 06:28
liujiyun yes,if we have adhesion of offical ,it may be a little easy 06:29
icarus-c Very very limited fedora and linux users here in hong kong 06:29
spevack icarus-c: my parents live in hong kong today, and I lived there with them as a child for 4 years. 06:29
linuxguru spevack, and as well , let me tell you. we had a fedora install fest in a local engineering college here in Rajasthan , India. and the turn out was good. i am working with other guys to get a proper report of that event and will be posting soon on the planet. 06:29
icarus-c people would blame me usually when i introduce fedora / linux to them 06:29
liujiyun I am trying to be a Ambassador 06:29
spevack icarus-c: why do they blame you? 06:29
spevack liujiyun: are there any universities near you? where in China are you located? 06:30
icarus-c they all believe that linux is for servers and experts in studying computer science or programmers. and thus, complicated and not suitable for desktop use 06:30
icarus-c also they love windows so much 06:30
liujiyun yes ,I am in Central South University in Hunan 06:31
linuxguru icarus-c, i believe fedora very well support chinese languages . 06:31
aveek the initial rejection is also faced by us 06:31
diamond_ramsey True on the languages. 06:31
liujiyun there are many universities nearby 06:31
icarus-c but anyway, since netbook becomes more common, some lucky people have seen that light of linux with ubuntu 06:31
aveek until they know of its reliability, less prone to viruses 06:31
diamond_ramsey Initial rejection, too, but the techies come to love it. 06:31
diamond_ramsey :) Hi linuxguru & spevack! :) I hope that the APAC and EMEA will update their Wiki pages more and use that Wiki page as a reference. That was my goal and seems like a good way to get my Fedora users to our Web Site. :) 06:31
icarus-c however, they are stuck with ubuntu.... 06:31
icarus-c linuxguru: chinese support is great 06:32
* icarus-c points out that the ibus cangjie input method is a bit strange 06:32
spevack linuxguru: perhaps you could talk a bit about the install-fest you have done in universities, so that someone like liujiyun can see how we do it and maybe try to organize one also 06:33
linuxguru icarus-c, glad to hear that. i believe you need to get a local meetup of know peoples first. start with a small group. and let's see how big it goes. we started in the same way. and in just 2 months you see we have organized a big event in a engineering college. even fedora contributors were glad to send us 100 dvds of fedora 10 06:33
linuxguru spevack, sure. 06:33
liujiyun spevack: I am in Central South Univercity which located in changsha ,hunan ,and there are other univercity near our campus 06:33
icarus-c linuxguru: i can only start from school.... 06:33
icarus-c unless i get into an university 06:34
linuxguru liujiyun, icarus-c , what i believe will be good for you initially is , talk to people you know , your friends, and have regular meetings. discuss about the things you have accomplished , they have done , interested in. 06:34
diamond_ramsey I have had good success the input method input-anthy with iBus on Fedora 11. 06:34
spevack liujiyun: i think it's also useful to tell people about what is going on in Fedora. 06:34
diamond_ramsey I found that getting my "users" at the techie "hangouts" in downtown was a good introduction. 06:34
* icarus-c did pull 3 friends to fedora 06:34
spevack for instance, icarus-c mentioned that folks don't think Fedora is suitable for the desktop 06:34
spevack that's a perfect opportunity to do a presentation where you demonstrate all the things you can do w/ Fedora as a desktop OS 06:35
spevack including things you CANNOT do on Windows 06:35
linuxguru liujiyun, icarus-c then you contact your school / university management to provide you a bit of small infrastructure like classroom , labs to organize practical sessions on basic stuff , like using fedora , getting basic things done in fedora , how to install fedora, co-relating software package names with the commonly used windows software name, we have done that. 06:35
loupgaroublond icarus-c, sometimes it's more effective to get each of them to pull another three friends, instead of just pulling another three yourself ;) 06:35
icarus-c spevack: i would say the multi-media and 3rd party driver support is a big obstacle for newbie 06:35
liujiyun spevack: the most important problem in china is the yum source 06:35
spevack for example, in Fedora 11 PackageKit can look at file extensions and then install the software needed to open the file. Windows cannot do this 06:35
spevack icarus-c: rpmfusion :) 06:35
diamond_ramsey Everyone ---> Good ideas! +1 06:35
spevack liujiyun: what do you mean? 06:35
liujiyun the yum sources in china is very little 06:36
linuxguru spevack, the problem is costly internet connection , and slow connection :-) 06:36
liujiyun and the speed is so slow 06:36
linuxguru spevack, APAC/India faces this problem. 06:36
spevack yeah 06:36
icarus-c linuxguru: 1 idea fly-by my mind --- bring down the school computer system and introduce fedora or linux to them. 06:36
aveek we have almost no connectivity 06:36
aveek NIT Durgapur LUG is giving us repos on disc 06:36
spevack is it a problem with needing more mirrors, or just internet infrastructure in general? 06:36
loupgaroublond spevack, it's both 06:37
linuxguru icarus-c, sure. you can start doing it. it's definitely not impossible to convince your school authorities to provide you the required infrastructure once you have a small group running. 06:37
icarus-c spevack: as i said --- newbie , they don't know what's rpmfusion, they don't even know what is drivers, packages, dependency... 06:37
linuxguru spevack, internet in general is a problem. as well as the mirrors in india are having problems every now and then. my yum mostly errors out on the indian mirrors and switch to one of the tawian / japan mirrors 06:37
liujiyun in china there are only some education mirrors 06:37
icarus-c Microsoft hurts them so badly 06:38
liujiyun and these mirrors which can't be viewed by the one not in education net 06:38
icarus-c people think that the system should work out-of-the-box without any knowledge about computer, just like buying OEM computer shipped with windows 06:38
spevack liujiyun: what can the larger Fedora Project do to help fix that? What should we do? 06:39
linuxguru spevack, it is been seen that for people to get started with fedora at the initial level , they need to be provided with softwares that can play there mp3s , avi's out of the box. 06:39
aveek icarus-c : convince them to come out of their shell,otherwise the'll never develop. Further keep learning yourself to demonstrate to them & to increase your own knowledge 06:39
spevack linuxguru: i understand that -- and if that is the case, then I think we should be doing presentations and teaching people how to set up third-party repositories like rpmfusion that provide those things. 06:40
linuxguru spevack, like if possible we can get a copy of fedora dvd's having "Everything" repo. we can rsync the rpmfusion repository pretty easily (not so big) and use these both during local install fest. 06:40
icarus-c besides, sometimes i use $ free as an advantage of using fedora. people would say, i don't need to pay for Windows as well..... (99% of chinese use pirated software... in mainland, store even sell Pirated software as Genuine) 06:40
spevack teaching people how to extend the "default" functionality of Fedora is a perfectly fine topic 06:40
liujiyun cooperation with chinese goverment 06:40
linuxguru spevack, and get a perfectly suitable desktop running for the end user. 06:41
liujiyun and other company such as red flag 06:41
icarus-c aveek: talking about demonstration, the best way to catch their interest is to demonstrate the fancy desktop effect and cubic desktop... 06:41
spevack linuxguru: i'm sure we can make that happen. 06:41
icarus-c people interested in appearance more than the capability of the system 06:41
aveek this is exactly what we did to get our LUG official 06:41
spevack linuxguru: i will send a note to our two main contacts -- Sankarshan and Harish -- and ask them when they make Fedora 11 medias, if we can make some of the Everything repo. 06:41
linuxguru spevack, that be great , IMO 06:42
diamond_ramsey great idea. 06:42
spevack do most of the universities in China teach programming on Windows or Linux? 06:42
icarus-c Is it possible for us to deliver FREE fedora copies as CD/DVD as ubuntu did (by Canonical) 06:42
spevack icarus-c: we give out all our media for free 06:42
liujiyun spevack: chinese universities teach programming on windows 06:43
icarus-c spevack: well.. we lack the maintainer in china 06:43
spevack icarus-c: but aside from FreeMedia project, we don't have the ability to mail individual copies to every person. that's why we try to organize events :) 06:43
icarus-c liujiyun: exactly! 06:43
icarus-c liujiyun: even the professor or computer science graduates don't even know linux 06:43
icarus-c liujiyun: or at least they havn't touch linux 06:43
liujiyun we use turboc 2.0 and dev cpp 06:43
spevack liujiyun: interesting... so where other countries give us a great chance to expose university computer science students to linux, the challenge is much more difficult in china 06:44
aveek same in India, though little better 06:44
spevack ok, so one of the big takeaways is to make the Everything media available. 06:44
spevack what else can we be doing? 06:44
liujiyun about 70% never heard linux 06:44
icarus-c what they know about linux is just about what they read on textbook --- "Linux is an open source multi-user networking Operating system which is designed for server use" 06:44
linuxguru liujiyun, you need a revolution like I had in my university. I brought fedora here. now we have a 10 computer fedora lab. running fedora 8 06:44
spevack linuxguru: good for you! 06:45
icarus-c liujiyun: i would say 95% in hong kong 06:45
loupgaroublond part of the challenge is convincing them that Fedora and Linux is far better for doing development on 06:45
linuxguru liujiyun, and you are the person who is going to do that. start with a small group. i am sure you can make it happen. don't worry about the big things for now 06:45
loupgaroublond just showing people that it can be easier to do coursework on Fedora goes a long way 06:45
liujiyun yes 06:45
diamond_ramsey yes, user and developer futures are possible with linux. 06:46
aveek We are having a proposal to have complete FOSS & Linux to cut costs 06:46
icarus-c loupgaroublond: they want to put their MS office dvd into the machine and complain can't install -> linux sucks 06:46
liujiyun in china ,people must do something to survive with the compressive stress 06:46
icarus-c liujiyun: stress refers to VIRUSES on windows? :P 06:46
* icarus-c notes that viruses in China in crazy as 99% of people are using pirated software 06:47
loupgaroublond icarus-c, remind them that they can't do it in OS X, and then show them that open office is already installed 06:47
aveek or stressful on process deadlocks in Vista 06:47
liujiyun maybe ,I always install windows through ghost for them 06:47
aveek open office is much better at FREE 06:47
icarus-c loupgaroublond: that's why they don't run os x as well... even when some people buy Mac, they would wipe OS X out and install windows... 06:48
linuxguru guys in my humble opinion , the case of china , should be under taken in a step by step manner. people like liujiyun , icarus-c should start with small groups. no matter . even 1 - 2 people group and do it that way. 06:48
diamond_ramsey +1 on openoffice 06:48
linuxguru they can get help from fedora contact person in india and APAC 06:48
diamond_ramsey yes, start "small" and grow... 06:48
* icarus-c +sys.maxint on openoffice 06:48
liujiyun maybe ,the important is detachment of interest 06:49
liujiyun student want to find a job 06:49
aveek Definitely Linux requires more effort 06:49
icarus-c linuxguru: among the 3 friends pulled by me to fedora, only 1 is clever enough to survive 06:49
liujiyun White-collar want to advance in office 06:49
aveek But for better jobs, you need to know about Linux 06:50
icarus-c linuxguru: that 1 can find out how to get pppoe & go on msn and install wine without my intervention! 06:50
aveek Hackers spend so much of their energy?? 06:50
liujiyun only a little ,which only use the great source of linux 06:50
linuxguru icarus-c, you can make them clever. i guess. let them know. help them around. i started with linux in 2002. with RH 7.2 and since then converted most of my friends to use linux. i use to go to there home and install linux on there machine. tell them how to hide files in linux. no one can see linux partitions in windows. then later told them how to use virus free internet in linux. 06:50
aveek they will learn to use web resources in this way only.. 06:50
liujiyun such as do some programming with linux ,they don't have the linux spirit 06:51
linuxguru icarus-c, then i told them how to play mp3 , avi in linux. in my local area i have more than 15 people i know personally using linux or know what it is. 06:51
* icarus-c is so happy as 2 more of his friends have requested him to install fedora for them few weeks later 06:51
diamond_ramsey nice 06:51
aveek codecs are searched automatically 06:51
spevack aveek: and if you have rpmfusion, it will all Just Work 06:52
icarus-c aveek: sometimes 06:52
linuxguru icarus-c, when it reaches a certain level. you can definitely make it big. like I did. i started the local linux user group here. 06:52
icarus-c spevack: would it be possible to ship rpmfusion along with fedora but disabled by default but it ask whether to enable when needed? 06:52
liujiyun ok,I will try to be a linux a ambassdors 06:52
diamond_ramsey liujiyun +1 06:53
icarus-c liujiyun: prepare a bunch of dvd first :D 06:53
loupgaroublond icarus-c, there was an initiative to put something together that does that for you 06:53
loupgaroublond i think it was called 'omega' 06:53
diamond_ramsey I think that everyone give good ideas. 06:53
icarus-c loupgaroublond: yea omega 06:53
linuxguru icarus-c, i think you can rsync rpmfusion , its not that big , do you have fast internet for that at least? 06:53
spevack icarus-c: unfortunately, that is not possible due to the legal restrictions that Fedora operates under. But loupgaroublond is right -- there is a Fedora respin called Omega that does just that! 06:53
icarus-c linuxguru: i have a 30Mbps internet :D 06:54
linuxguru icarus-c, that is way ahead then what i am using right now! 06:54
spevack icarus-c: 06:54
icarus-c spevack: would omega still called fedora or omega 06:54
icarus-c spevack: like would /etc/redhate-release contains fedora 06:54
icarus-c linuxguru: can i officially declared as a mirror of rpmfusion ? 06:55
linuxguru icarus-c, you can use it in your local network. 06:55
* icarus-c was once try to be one of fedora repo mirror... but holy... so big 06:55
spevack icarus-c: 06:55
linuxguru icarus-c, yeah its very huge 06:55
icarus-c !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 06:56
icarus-c ks!! 06:56
icarus-c i can make my own respin! 06:56
spevack icarus-c: 06:56
icarus-c how can i forgot this :D 06:56
spevack icarus-c: of course!!! :) 06:56
linuxguru icarus-c, omega has rpmfusion packages as well as it enabled with fedora , fedora-updates and rpmfusion repos 06:56
icarus-c ship my of spin to my friends with everything setup :D 06:56
spevack icarus-c: absolutely 06:56
* icarus-c will look for respin guide after his exam tomorrow 06:57
linuxguru liujiyun, you can do the same in your dormitory 06:57
liujiyun icarus-c: they have to play games under windows 06:57
liujiyun icarus-c: such as WAR3 DNF ... 06:58
spevack ok, our hour is almost up. We can continue to chat for a bit, but I wanted to thank you all for coming to today's class, which is "officially" over, but the "unofficial" conversation can still go on :) 06:58
linuxguru liujiyun, glad to contacted icarus-c he uses wine to play windows game 06:58
icarus-c maybe i can even make a netinst mirror using my server :D 06:58
icarus-c so that i can deliver cds instead of dvds 06:58
spevack icarus-c: good idea 06:58
liujiyun wine is not stable 06:58
icarus-c wine is great enough 06:59
loupgaroublond wine's just good enough 06:59
liujiyun spevack:you are offical people? 06:59
linuxguru spevack, thanks for the guidance. once again a great class , time went by , and we didn't noticed ;-) 06:59
loupgaroublond when i get people to switch, i show them they can dual boot windows and fedora 06:59
diamond_ramsey :) Good class, thank you! :) 06:59
liujiyun oh,yesterday I use wine to play WAR3 07:00
liujiyun faild 07:00
loupgaroublond then i sugges that once they feel comfortable, they should try a 30 day no windows challenge 07:00
diamond_ramsey loupgaroublond +1 dual boot 07:00
linuxguru loupgaroublond, that is great , lol :-) 07:00
loupgaroublond wine's great because it means they don't feel compelled to reboot into windows nearly as often 07:00
spevack loupgaroublond: good idea also. 07:00
icarus-c can someone point me to a good guide on creating respin & setting up HTTP/FTP install mirror ? 07:00
liujiyun icarus-c: can you tell me how to wine War3 07:01
loupgaroublond linuxguru, have a look at the wine application database on the winehq website 07:01
aveek Warcraft, Counterstrike & Age of Empires have been successfully played by our LUG 07:01
icarus-c liujiyun: make it personal :D 07:01
diamond_ramsey excellent 07:01
liujiyun ok 07:01
liujiyun icarus-c: I hava try to do it ,but when I access it It get a darkscreen that I Have to reboot 07:02
icarus-c liujiyun: have you tried going to tty or restart X ? 07:03
icarus-c sometimes just refresh rate issue 07:03
icarus-c off topic here :D 07:03
liujiyun ok 07:04
diamond_ramsey Best to you on your Ambassador Adventure...I started small and things sort of grew. :) 07:05
liujiyun I will be a develop of fedora in the future 07:07
liujiyun developer 07:07
diamond_ramsey good idea. 07:07
diamond_ramsey There are lots of resources for fedora and linux...future big systems in your country will have a greater opportunity with Linux. You are on the ground floor for this adventure. 07:08
diamond_ramsey Going to eat dinner bye all. 07:08
liujiyun Bue 07:09
liujiyun bye 07:09
* linuxguru waiting for his lunch at the moment 07:12
aveek spevack : is it possible to have you to give a talk for our install fest via video-conference?? 07:13
loupgaroublond he's gone back to sleep 07:14
spevack aveek: i don't have any of the equipment needed to do it. 07:14
spevack loupgaroublond: not yet :) 07:14
loupgaroublond or not, haha 07:14
spevack aveek: but 07:15
spevack aveek: we could try to figure it out. 07:15
spevack aveek: i gave a talk recently that is on youtube that people might find interesting 07:15
* spevack goes to look for it 07:15
spevack aveek: 07:16
loupgaroublond great, now i'm so tired i don't understand the code i wrote, haha 07:16
spevack aveek: let me know what you think of that, maybe you could show that at your install fest 07:17
aveek Could I have something "Live" 07:18
aveek The fest will be for 2 days sometime between 15-20 July... 07:18
aveek Not a long talk 07:18
spevack aveek: i'm sure we can figure it out :) 07:18
spevack aveek: at least by skype if nothing else! 07:19
aveek thanks a lot 07:19
spevack aveek: my pleasure 07:19
loupgaroublond aveek, we do have an asterix network available to fedora contributors too 07:19
loupgaroublond i'm not sure it would work best where you don't have alot of bandwidth, but the tools are there, in fedora 07:20
aveek we will shut down all other computers that problem 07:20
loupgaroublond well, yeah, i just mean the tools are there, if two fedora users want to have a voice to voice conversation, they can do it for 'free' anywhere on the globe 07:22
loupgaroublond 'free' because you still need to pay for the internet hookup 07:22

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